December 3, 2013

Beyond Buckskin Gifts for Him!

Welcome to the first of our Beyond Buckskin Gift Guides! We want to make it insanely easy and enjoyable for you to BUY NATIVE this holiday season!

This first guide is for guys. From our teen sons and nephews to our brothers; and from our boyfriend/husband/sweetheart, to our dads, uncles and bosses, we've got some great options for awesome gifts! Scroll down to see some ideas, and you can always just shop our guys section on BBB and check out everything!

Beaded Elk Medallion, $70. This large medallion features an Elk design beaded in brown on a creamy white background and edged in red. The necklace is made of bone, white spacers and red beads. The necklace measures 26” and the medallion measures 4.5” in diameter. The beaded dangles measure 3”. Excellent condition and an absolutely great piece for yourself, or a perfect gift for the perfect guy.

Cavalry Tee, $30, This tee was designed by Navajo artist Dustin Martin for his company SOLO (Sovereign Original Land Owners). S.O.L.O.’s signature logo, the feathered cavalier and his horse symbolize the adaptability and tenacity that have helped Indigenous populations endure for centuries. American Indians might not be remembered today had they not taken the white man's beast and made it their own. Today they ride on; ponies beneath them, arrows aimed at their dreams.

Amber Buffalo Bone Necklace, $33, This unisex necklace is made of buffalo bone beads that are a deep amber color combined with rust colored glass pony beads and brass French trade beads. The Ho-Chunk-made necklace measures 39” and is strung on heavy cord to last for generations.

Beaded Reflective Sunglasses, $59, These beaded sunglasses were made by Cree/Metis artist Candace Halcro. They feature reflective lenses and frames that have been hand-beaded using multicolored seed beads in vibrant colors. Each pair is one of a kind. Superior quality in both the frames and the beads, the patterns are straight and vibrant with colorful combinations. Held to the frames by contact cement, the glass beads will not come loose with regular wear.

Medicine Wheel Hooded Jacket, $85, This water resistant softshell jacket was designed by Tammy Beauvais (Mohawk Nation) and features the four color Medicine Wheel on the front and back. 50% Polyester/50% Polyurethane, lined, front zipper pockets. Available in sizes Small through XL, with a big fit.

Hipsters in Headdresses Neckties, $25, This necktie was designed by Nicholas Galanin (Tlingit/Aleut) for Dick Bernanin Menswear. It features the abstracted faces of hipsters in headdresses. The tie launched in conjunction with Galanin's "I Looooove Your Culture" exhibit in Vancouver and is sold exclusively through Beyond Buckskin Boutique. Galanin’s work is a highly charged mix of beauty, material knowledge, politics and contemporary cultural representation.

Crosshairs Cuff, $600, This cuff was made by Waddie CrazyHorse (Cochiti). It features hand-cut geometric designs in sterling silver made with a dual satin and high polish finish. The bracelet measures 1" wide, and fits a 6.25" wrist. Waddie CrazyHorse is a 3rd generation silversmith who was raised in Cochiti Pueblo, New Mexico and currently lives and works in the San Francisco Bay Area. He learned the craft from his father, Cippy CrazyHorse, during high school and he has not been able to put down a hammer since. Many of his designs are inspired by older (pre-1900) Navajo museum pieces and also by his fathers and grandfathers (Joe H. Quintana) work, all of which share a "clean and simple" design scheme.

Native Americans Discovered Columbus Tee, $22, This popular tee was designed by Navajo artist Jared Yazzie for his company OxDx. OxDx features designs that depict American Indian struggles, issues, and art. OxDx is strongly influenced by Native culture, street art, and music.

Diné Bizaad Bandanas, $15, These cool silkscreened bandanas feature an intricate and original design by Navajo artist David Sloan. Images are paired with their name in the Navajo language - so you can learn the Navajo words for things like bicycle, butterfly, helicopter, and penguin. Sloan states, "I hope my art conveys a sense of pride in learning Navajo or any new language and culture. I hope it encourages other people to learn some non-mainstream language also. I hope it conveys an importance to take care of the planet, environment, and our fellow creatures. I feel fortunate to use my imagination to create art."

Failsafe Tee, $24, This popular tee was designed by Topah Spoonhunter (Paiute/Northern Arapaho) for his company Two Dogs and a Bear. The bow and arrow is a simple, reliable and very effective weapon. Even after the introduction of firearms the bow and arrow was used on a regular basis. Due to the lack of ammunition and with many guns being unreliable the bow and arrow was used for hunting and was often carried into battle alongside a rifle or pistol. Whenever a gun failed or when ammunition was depleted the bow and arrow became the plan b. The Failsafe.

Rebel King Tee, $24. This tee was also designed by Topah Spoonhunter. Sitting Bull, Crazy Horse, Geronimo, Little Wolf, Chief Joseph, Quanah Parker, Red Cloud, Manuelito, Roman Nose, Tall Bull, Looking Glass, Tecumseh, Lone Wolf, Satanta, Morning Star, Gall, Cochise and Captain Jack. These are just some of the great Native leaders. There are many more. These leaders fought for what they believed in and they fought so their people and their culture could live on.

New items are added every day, like this Plains Indian Beaded Wallet and this Beaded Buffalo Bolo Tie:

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