January 21, 2021

Artist Feature: Breeze

Over a decade ago, I had the fine opportunity to meet a future friend: Thomas Marcus. He was interested in the graffiti street arts scene and went by the name Breeze. I preferred to call him Thomas Marcus (it had a ring to it). One night, I barely met him, but he was cool, and I hopped into his van (LOL) after a Heard Indian Market, and we, along with his buddy Hendrix (yes, related), went off to hit up some art parties. OH THE GOOD OL' DAYS.

January 15, 2021

Top 10 Scarves for All Seasons

Welcome to our top ten list for Native-made scarves. Whether you are battling the cold winter or accessorizing a summer outfit, we've listed our favorites below. 

Please share this list with your networks, along with your favorite Native-made scarves in your own collections. I own scarves by Virgil Ortiz, Jamie Okuma, Maggie Thompson, Sarah Agaton Howes, and more. The scarves I own are limited edition and no longer available, so I feel rather special when I wear them, like, "Yes, this is a classic."

November 22, 2020

Top 10 for Your Taste Buds

Hello friends! Welcome to our list of 10 treats to taste! I hope you are enjoying our lists thus far. This one was a fun one to research and build.

From traditional savory foods to sweets and beverages, these are my picks. But definitely please go to the websites and poke around - many sites have a variety of goodies to try out, and I didn't have enough space to include them all on this first round. Again, please use these lists as jump-off points to discover your own favorites and share with your friends and networks.

November 15, 2020

Top 10 for Your Feet

Did you know that each year during the middle of November we celebrate a lil grassroots event called Rock Your Mocs

It is international, no borders, and folks of all backgrounds are welcomed to join in. 

It’s simple: during the middle of November, wear moccasins. 

There really are no “rules,” but I have my suggestions. First, make sure that your mocs are supporting a Native-owned business or Native artist (no Forever21 moccasins, no Minnetonka moccasins, k?). Second, allow your feet to be happy. 

November 10, 2020

Top 10 Artist Prints to Enhance Your Space

I love artist prints. They are accessible, easy to ship, and affordable ways to support your favorite artists or get to know new ones.

Artist prints look great in your home, but also your office or workspace. They can beautify or empower. They can remind or inspire. Below, I have hand-selected my favorites - those to easily bring into your spaces or to share with others.

I think it is important to surround yourself with visual reminders of our cultural diversity and strength. Most artists have multiple prints available, so please head to their websites to discover more. (Just click the title in the captions to shop.)

November 3, 2020

Top 10 Films to Watch Now

Welcome to our second top list to get you engaged in fun and creative ways for Native American Heritage Month. For this list, I was looking for movies by Native American filmmakers. I would like to note that there are a ton of Native-based and Native-centered movies by non-Native filmmakers that are excellent, and I will create another list in the future to share our favorite titles because they also deserve a solid shout out.