Beyond Buckskin is a website and business dedicated to promoting and selling Native American made fashion. It is headed up by Dr. Jessica R. Metcalfe (Turtle Mountain Chippewa) who holds a PhD in American Indian Studies, with an emphasis on art, education, and culture. She wrote her doctoral dissertation on Native American designers of high fashion, a project that would steer her towards a lifelong journey of supporting, promoting, and working with Native American artists.

In 2009, she launched the Beyond Buckskin blog in an effort to share her doctoral research with more people outside of academia. Interest in the blog grew and led to the development of a business, the Beyond Buckskin Boutique, which launched online in 2012, and the brick and mortar retail shop opened its doors in 2016 on the Turtle Mountain Indian Reservation, Metcalfe's home community. You can read more about the Boutique at this link.

In addition to hosting and producing fashion shows and arts events, Metcalfe continues to share her journey, challenges, and successes through workshops, presentations, and keynote addresses. She can be reached at this link.

Beyond Buckskin empowers Native American artists and designers, advancing the quality of Native American fashion through education while providing an in depth podium for societal participation. Inspired by relevant historical and contemporary Native American clothing design and art, Beyond Buckskin promotes cultural appreciation, social relationships, authenticity and creativity.


  1. Hello Dr. Jessica Metcalfe,
    I'm new at this blog business and I'm wondering how do I go about submitting an art project for you to revue? I'm doing a Bandolier Bag Project. I'm making one and everyone in the community is invited to bead on the "Community Bandolier Bag". They can "bead a part of history!" Here's my link to my Kickstarter page: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1339520896/bandolier-bag-project?ref=email

  2. Good Morning,

    My name is Sandra Anderson and I am the membership coordinator for the American Indian Alaska Native Tourism Association located in Albuquerque, NM. AIANTA is having our 15th Annual American Indian Tourism Conference in Tulsa, OK hosted by Cherokee Nation and we will be having a segment of our conference on Tourism Trends: Indigenous Fashion. One of our guests will be Margaret Roach Wheeler, Mahota Handwovens along with two other Indigenous fashion artists. I heard you speak at UNM about 2 years ago in the Zimmerman library and I believe your voice and mind would be great for our conference. Please contact me at sanderson@aianta.org or call my direct line at 505.243.3699. Visit our conference website at http://www.aianta.org/Conference.aspx.

    Thank you,


  3. Dr. Metcalf: I thought you might be interested in something I stumbled upon reading on line newspapers. This company was highlighted in London Daily Mail for its great kids party that even the new born Prince George might use. I was shocked and e mailed them a link to your blog on cultural appropriation for the way they made an expensive "Western kit," featuring Native American cultural appropriation for children. Here is that link. I applaud you for all you do to help build social justice and honor for Native American culture and artists. I am of Comanche Cherokee descent and hold a M A in Ed and have half my doctorate finished in Ed Leadership. Here is the link: http://www.fireandcremekids.com/pages/lookbook-into-the-west
    Thank you again for all you do and taking time to read this.

  4. Just wanted to alert you to some more sad misappropriations happening on the Etsy site "iwishiwasa" is a currently featured non native shop making money selling insulting headdresses as costumes for children to cherish and have a roaring fun time playing "Indian"...would love to read a scathing response from you.....i already posted

  5. Oh, i see you already did the scathing ETSY report! Miigwetch.

  6. Hi, I'm wondering if I can be added to your list of Native artists? I sell my photography and digital art online at Kara Stewart, Art in Photography www.kdstewart.net and prints and products also at ArtInPhotography http://www.zazzle.com/artinphotography?rf=238874973767831732. I specialize in dogs, nature, abstract and also have some work that would be more considered traditionally Native. I also have a blog, Kara Stewart, Art In Photography at www.karastewartaip.blogspot.com in which I wrote the collaborative series Indian 101 for Writers. I am a member of the Sappony tribe from NC/VA border. You can reach me at www.kdstewart.net. Thanks for considering!

  7. Hello Dr. Jessica Metcalfe,

    I am an undergraduate anthropology major and museum studies minor at Beloit College in Wisconsin. I am writing a research paper about the appropriation of Native American culture in US fashion. I was wondering if I could talk the topic over with you or at least get some recommendations for sources.

    Thank you for your time. I can be contacted at tietzerg@beloit.edu

  8. So it seems to me that it is a difficult - and often losing - battle to shame or condemn people who buy / wear or sell / make clothes that appropriate Native American culture and imagery.

    I'm curious if there are Native American designers that one could point such people to, that would allow them to indulge in the fashion trend, while also supportive Native American artists - and maybe even learning something through the exchange.

    Thanks for sharing any ideas.


  9. Dear Dr. Jessica Metcalfe,

    We would love for you to contribute your perspective to Reykjavík Chautauqua, institute of lower learning at ReyQua.com. We are an educational social media startup based out of Reykjavík, Iceland dedicated to fun decentralized and unconventional learning. Part of our goal is to bring interesting and knowledgeable people to our website to contribute material for a broader discussion, open access to knowledge, and for the benefit of our readers. We believe that education can be fun and that fun can be educational. Please consider visiting our website and contributing in the form of a simple post, an in depth article, a link to another interesting source, video, former work, comments and/or anything else that comes to mind.


    Chantal and Rúnar
    Reykjavík Chautauqua

  10. Hi! I wanted to post a comment on your article "Etsy Is A Breeding Ground For...", but the comments weren't working, so I just want to say, thanks for helping my research into what to do when you find someone selling "Navajo" art on Etsy. I used the text of your letter as an example to send a message to one such Etsy shop owner with the confidence that it is in fact against the law to label one's art as "native" for marketing purposes. Thanks again!

  11. Didn't know if you saw the article about a Canadian Indigenous artist who collaborated with Valentino. It is nice to see a designer working with an artist. Love your blog. http://www.buzzfeed.com/laurenstrapagiel/a-metis-artist-collaborated-with-valentino-on-these-gorgeous#.apL47GbLW

  12. Dear Dr. Jessica Metcalfe; How are you? How to identify 19th century [what appears to be] Native American earrings and necklaces in 19th Century B&W photos?
    best regards, William Olivadoti

  13. Hi, I am wondering if you willing to look adding Moss Bags to your shop. We are creating unique Moss bags and dong Métis inspired beading to make it affordable for parents.Please see Mossbaby on facebook Should you be interested. Regards Yura

  14. Hello Dr. Metcalfe. I am looking for an New York or NJ based American Indian designer to pass along a dance project to. The piece is inspired by the painting Hope Springs Eternal - Ghost Dances by Howard Terpning as part of a museum themed series of dances. If you have any recommendations for designers to reach out to, I'd love to hear from you! Reach me at Julie@JulieMichaelNewYork.com

  15. Dear Dr. Metcalfe, thank you for providing great content in an effort to speak to the cultural wealth of Native designers and artists.
    Is Beyond Buckskin a non-profit organization or have you considered becoming a non-profit?
    Respectfully yours, Efan

  16. Hi, Jessica!

    I am writing about fashion designer Bethany Yellowtail for Artbound, an arts-and-culture website under the auspices of Los Angles public television station KCET. I'd love to chat with you about Bethany and her beautiful, vibrant work. I'm also eager to discuss the new generation of Native designers who are celebrating authentic indigenous voices by blending time-honored traditions with 21st-century haute couture.

    What's the best way to reach you?

    Sarah Linn

  17. Hi Jessica -
    I read your article "Beading Tradition" in Cowboys & Indians Magazine highlighting some beadwork artists. The artists and designs you featured were wonderful. As the CEO of one of the largest seed bead distributors in the US catering to the Native American culture, Har-Man Importing (www.harmanbeads.com), I definitely appreciated all the beauty and the hard work that goes into the designs. I would love to speak with you to see if we could collaborate on something together. Please contact me directly at alisa@harmanbeads.com.

  18. Checkout this designer:


  19. Hello! I’m Annie Chasing Hawk with The Keya Foundation out of Eagle Butte, SD. We are a non-profit that works with Lakota Artists to help with business knowledge, product development and business startup skills. The profits from the sales of the Art Products go back to the individual Artist to assist them in growing their business and supporting their families!

    We are hoping to expand our partnerships and get these amazing art products out to the public through partnering with museums, businesses, shops, and other areas.

    Would you be interested in seeing a brochure of the products available? I could email it to you or send it through the mail. (Get Email/Address)

    To order you simple would need to fill out the wholesale order form that I will attach and we can get your product to you!


    1. We are starting a new website and would love to receive more info. You may reach me at cj@cjarnold.com



  20. It's difficult to find authentic tipis. I've scoured the net looking for them. Any advice?

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