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I created this list years ago to promote Native-owned businesses on the web. Each year, customers spend over a trillion dollars on e-commerce sales. By launching online businesses, Native people are able to access markets that reach beyond the confines of reservations or geographical borders and connect with customers throughout the world.

However, many non-Native businesses and individuals falsely suggest that their products are Native-made in an attempt to garner more sales. This is illegal. If you come across a non-Native business that states that their products are Native American or if they use Native names in product titles (for example, if they sell an "Apache Poncho," "Navajo Purse," or "Native American Earrings," etc.) please report them to the Indian Arts and Crafts Board at this link. Furthermore, the Navajo Nation has trademarked their name, so any unauthorized use of the word 'Navajo' is in violation of trademark law.

We have all encountered these unethical businesses, and we need to report each one of them. These brands are taking valuable business away from actual Native American artists and small businesses. Please join us in creating a network of people who support Native American creativity, history, and legacy, as well as much-needed economic development in Indian Country.


Beyond Buckskin Boutique - Specializing in Native-made clothing and jewelry, this boutique has you covered when it comes to fashion, from urban wear to haute couture and pop jewelry and an ever changing cast of fashion designers to keep you trendy and decked out in Indigenous gear.

Edzerza Gallery - I swear, the artist and owner, Alano Edzerza, never sleeps. From fashion to jewelry to high-end art, this guy can decorate your world. 

Manitobah Mukluks - Mukluks, moccasins, and more. A wide variety, from affordable slip-ons to expensive specialty boots. Real leather, real fur, real awesome.

Eighth Generation - Owned by Northwest Coast-based artist Louie Gong, this site features fun fashion, decor and streetwear at great price points.

OxDx - Streetwear by Jared Yazzie and influenced by Native cultures, street art, and music. 

Jamie Okuma - Shop the modern and sleek jewelry, accessories and dresses of this award-winning artist, whose work brings traditional Plateau beadwork and parfleche to high fashion.

Virgil Ortiz - Pottery, jewelry, silk scarves, couture, and tees with uber cool style.

Dorothy Grant - High fashion for ladies and gents, by Haida designer Dorothy Grant.

B.Yellowtail - High-end specialty streetwear and couture inspired by designer Bethany Yellowtail's Crow and Northern Cheyenne backgrounds.

Kristen Dorsey Designs - Beautiful contemporary high-end jewelry inspired by ancient Southeast Native traditions.

Tammy Beauvais - Mohawk fashion designs, both traditional and modern.

NSRGNTS - Native-made streetwear inspired by pop culture with a political activist twist.

Salish Style - Bold and fun Northwest Coast-inspired streetwear, including tees, hoodies, backpacks and more.

The NTVS - With a motto like "New threads, old traditions," this brand features streetwear for guys, gals and kids emblazoned with slogans like "Native Roots," "The Originals," and cool collabs with Native pop artists like Steven Paul Judd.

Urban Native Era - Streetwear with a touch of culture.

Nishology - Cool Caddo-inspired streetwear featuring remixed ancient designs from the Southeastern Ceremonial Complex.

Neechie Gear - A Cree-inspired and sports-based clothing store based out of Saskatchewan.

Tan'si Clothing - Cool t-shirts emblazoned with words in the Cree language.

Native Threads - The original Native streetwear kings! They've recently teamed up with popular Native artist Steven Paul Judd to produce some limited tees - which would be great gifts for the hipset.

MiLo Creations - Specializing in one-of-a-kind hand-painted jewelry by Michele Lowden who hails from Acoma Pueblo.

Gourd Jewels - Contemporary Hopi jewelry made from precise laser cut and hand-painted wood.

Saba Wear - Witty, fun and fresh street gear and paintings.

TSOul - Navajo beadwork with a distinct Southwest flair.

Tsosie-Gaussoin - Beautiful progressive jewelry and fashion inspired by Southwest Native traditions of the Tsosie-Gaussoin family.

Qwalsius - Northwest Coast jewelry (pendants and earrings) and apparel by Shaun Peterson.

Moonstone Creation - This store in Calgary is run by Yvonne Jobin, a Cree designer from High Prairie.

Tashina Lee Emery - Elegant hand-crafted jewelry featuring natural materials, inspired by the beautiful environment of the Great Lakes region.

Trickster Co. - Headed up by Rico Worl, this brand features cool Northwest-designed silver jewelry, streetwear, art prints, and other cool stuff like playing cards, basketballs, and skate decks.

REZ Made - Based out of Montana, this streetwear brand featuring tees, hoodies, and tanks celebrates Rez life.

T.Connor&Co. - Adorable button-sized fabric-covered stud earrings in a variety of tribal designs to suit your every mood.

NATE - From the powwow trail to your door, this Mohawk and Anishinaabe-run streetwear brand features iconic Plains Indian designs.

ACONAV - Acoma artist Loren Aragon creates bold and artistic jewelry, runway fashion designs, and affordable streetwear and accessories - all inspired by ancient Acoma Pueblo pottery motifs.

She Native - Sophisticated and higher-end leather goods brand with a mission to empower Indigenous women.

Hand of Solomon - Ojibwa goldsmith Louise Solomon creates bold high-end jewelry inspired by sweetgrass braids, wolf claws, and other beautiful and powerful elements of Mother Earth.

TP Mocs - Blackfeet-owned and -operated shop with a social mission, featuring modern mocs for only the most stylish tots.

Nishiin Designs - Purses, clothing, and other items embroidered with Anishinaabe style floral designs, based out of Sagkeeng First Nation in Manitoba.

Tundra Berry - Inupiaq-made sealskin earrings, cuffs, pouches, and bowties!

Michelle Brown - Edgy and fashion-forward accessories made by Navajo artist Michelle Brown in collaboration with other cool Native artists.


Tlicho Store - Beautiful handmade crafts and clothing of all kinds in Dene style, made by Tlicho artisans.

Arctic Canada Trading Company - This shop offers a wide range of Northern made quality products including birch bark baskets, canvas tents, Inuit carvings, moccasins and mukluks.

Squamish Lil’wat Cultural Centre Online Store - Home decor, baskets, carvings, drums, jewelry, pottery, blankets, moccasins, toys, kitchenware, and more, this is like the Macy's for Northwest Coast Native-made items.

Shop Indigenous - A Canadian-based site dedicated to promoting a variety of products handmade by Indigenous artisans.

Nani Chacon Art - Prints and posters of pin-ups by Navajo/Chicana badass Nani Chacon.

Kitigan - First Nations decor, jewelry, apparel, and moccasins.

Cherokee Nation Gift Shop - Apparel, art, books, and jewelry; click here to shop all things Cherokee!

Sacred Grounds Trading Post - A trading post with something for everyone, based out of Tucson.

Northwest Native Expressions - Baskets, books, carvings, clothing, jewelry, prints, and toys.

Cherokee Woman - Jewelry, small sculptures, items for the home.

David Sloan Art - Paintings and prints by Navajo artist David Sloan, aka Todichiinii Rudeboy, aka Sloandog Zillionare.

Two Dogs And A Bear - An independent brand committed to producing quality goods and providing them at affordable prices.

Heard Museum Shop - The world-class museum offers exceptional options of art and jewelry through their online shop.

Indigo Arrows - Handmade textiles inspired by ancient Ojibwe pottery designs transformed into chic decor items like pillow cases and tea towels.


Mother Earth Essentials - Products for the bod.

Sister Sky - All my lady relatives are getting stuff from here. Lotions, soaps, shampoos, conditioners.

Herbal Lodge - Natural and organic healing products.

Kamamak - A mineral based color cosmetics line infused with the Native cultures of North America.

Sakari Botanicals - Custom medicinal native products, contract wholesale plant sales, and native plant consulting services.

ArXotica - Anti-aging beauty products from the arctic tundra with a triple blend of plants and berries, glacier water, and extra virgin salmon oil.


Tanka Bar - Native American Natural Foods. Mmmmmm.

Bedré Chocolate - Sweet treats shop owned and operated by the Chickasaw Nation. Nummers.

Native Cakes - Yes, a Native-owned custom cake shop in Tuba City, Arizona located on the Navajo Nation. They specialize in making custom Wedding cakes, tiered celebration cakes, sheet cakes, and more, all with a Native flair.  


RPM.FM - Give the gift of music. This site lists tons of Native musicians that link to their personal websites where you can purchase songs or albums.

Birchbark Books - Owned by Louise Erdrich, a store specializing in books, art and jewelry based out of Minneapolis.

Native Realities - All your Indigenous comic book needs and wants.


Rez Hoofz - This Etsy page features stunning hand painted boots, shoes and bags from Pine Ridge.

Love In Everything - One-of-a-kind creations for your one-of-a-kind child.

Northwest Beadwork - Cool beadwork.

Dean Couchie - Beaded medallions for days.

Indigenousalaska - Alaska Native Fur Purses, Hats, Mittens and Accessories

Rebelina - Candace Halcro's collection of beaded sunglasses and accessories.

Lakota Charm - Earrings and necklaces can be made with your choice of colors.

NativeCraftCanada - Dream catcher jewelry.

Seeworks - Finger woven sashes.

Wapazo - Beadwork and art.

Cristy's Jewelry - Beautiful, simple, artfully and exquisitely made jewelry.

Art from Above - Sleek silver and gold high-class Northwest Coast jewelry.

Salmonberry Dreams - Arctic body adornment and divine treasures from the far north.

Cheyenne Noon - Beaded bling earrings.

Northwest Native Gifts - Art prints, blankets, jewelry and home decor.

ndnchick - Fun earrings and accessories - great stocking stuffers!

The Keya Foundation - This organization works with Lakota artists and sells colorful and affordable art prints and other specialty items.

View my profile on Etsy to find more cool Native-owned shops - I'm always adding new ones to my favorites list!


  1. thank you for the comprehensive list. let us all support the Native American producers.

  2. great list!!...I'm on facebook and etsy... or

  3. Please add Chief Billytwofeathers to your list. Chief Billy Twofeathers is Miccosukee, Seminole and Ocala Indian. He makes everything one at a time, original and unique.

  4. Thank you for this comprehensive list! I have to say though, there is so much I lost the thread about ¼ way through. Can you categorise it?

    I'm also looking for native culled supplies, particularly native sourced leather, taken in a sacred or at least conscious way.

    Thanks again!

  5. Where can I find a hand made Willow Branch Dream Catcher? Having a hard time finding a vendor with anything in stock. Please help, I need this for a birthday gift!

  6. What do you know of Chloe Angus spirit wraps designed by Haida artist Clarence Mills?

  7. How do I get my Native American shop on this list? I am from the Lake Superior Band of Chippewa's

    1. Did they write back. Comprehensive might be a stretch. Thousands of artists out there.

  8. Hello! Wondering if theres t-shirts available with the "buy native, support local" logo? If so can you please let us know where? If not, that would make one cool t-shirt! nothing fancy, just a good cotton tee in white with the logo in black, just the way it is up above. I want one! Thanks!!

  9. Please add my site.

  10. Looking for traditional buckskin outfit (male) thats not going to break the bank! Any webpage you can pt me to would be apppreciated! Thanks! Michael

  11. Hi! Really glad you have this list here. I was wondering if there are places you'd recommend to buy moccasins, preferably custom made ones? Thank you so much!

  12. The person who runs Salmonberry Dreams has two other shop as well if you would like to list them as well: for body and health products (I LOVE her tisanes, and her arctic butter skin ointment is amazing for nasty winters) for her photography and artwork.

  13. I am Chippewa-Cree, based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I make and design Pendleton coats, and ladies dance dresses. I am saving to but my label, "Ojib Wear". I have lived here for over 30 years, have family in Turtle Mountain and Rocky Boy that I have yet to meet. I would love to advertise with Beyond Buckskin.

  14. hi. anyplace to buy traditional new or vintage jewelry to directly profit the proper people? thanks.

  15. Hey, love your website!

    I am a Metis woman who just opened a jewelry shop on etsy if you'd be kind enough to list it 😁

  16. The Rattle Maker on Etsy
    Cree First Nations Artist

  17. Hi :) Great contact list. I found some beautiful Native American toasting glasses but Etsy only showed as having one available. I would love to see others if anyone has anything close or similar or just like them as my man and I are planning on getting married hopefully this time next year. Any help is greatly appreciated - especially wedding attire and decor <3

  18. Where can I find Native Design Lawn chairs?

  19. Please consider me for your list! Oglala Lakota enrolled. I make dolls. Had one accessioned into the Smithsonian last year.
    Thanks and I posted your link on my FB page, Lone Elk Creations.
    Diane Tells His Name

  20. Thanks for the list. I bought and sold on Etsy and found out very quickly that Etsy doesn't adhere to the Indian Arts and Crafts Act of 1990.

    I posted in the forum and was banned and had my post removed.

    I no longer will buy anything from that site. Too many fake Native crafts and people claiming to be Natives and shamans, lol!

    I'm more than happy to check out these other sites.

  21. Great to see that there's a place for our native relatives. We owe our history, country and land to our native relatives. The land and spirit and water and souls of the native people live on FOREVER.

  22. Here is one that isn't listed and they also are on Etsy.

  23. I'm looking for zip hoodies for not just the men, but the women and children too. I am looking for Native only - no Indian/Asian/Middle Eastern!!! I noticed OXDX and NTVS but looking for something from a smaller organization, maybe lower priced. Thanks!

  24. Gathering Tribes, Albany, California.

  25. two-spirit Hopi owned / queer indigenous alchemy - metaphysical shop

  26. Quwutsunmade make beautiful handmade body care products, with traditional ingredients.

  27. Sweetgrass & Sage - handmade beadwork, jewelry & contemporary Indigenous design (Haudenosaunee/ Anishinaabe) - "SweetgrassandSageCo" on etsy

  28. Please consider adding Tabitha Jacobs of Creative Natives Lumbee Artist.

  29. Born In The North

    David Bernie


    Sells work made by members of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians in Cherokee, NC.

  31. I'm specifically looking for Native maker's who make self care items: bath and spa products for home, teas and tisanes, scented products, etc. This thread has been super helpful already, but if anyone has anymore please reply here! I'm writing a story for a D.C. based fashion and wellness magazine.

  32. What about children's items? Is there somewhere that people can purchase Native-made children's items that would be appropriate and respectful for non-Native children to wear? I like the idea of familiarizing my children with Native objects and clothing, without using inappropriate items/garments that either reinforce stereotypes or violate the spiritual significance of the garment.

  33. Would you know of any one dealing with patchwork Seminole men's shirts?

  34. Need floral designs from a Native American award winning florist? Check out my shop, Earth & Sky Floral Designs and Gallery. We are currently a home based florist located on the Pueblo of Laguna (NM) reservation. Have flowers… will travel!

    Social Media: EarthSkyFloral

  35. Hi! Great list! I’m also a native artist making ceramics! Natasha Alphonse Ceramics

  36. Check out Jackie Traverse! She's an Ojibwe artist that recently created a new line of leggings, dresses, scarves etc. Check her out on Facebook @JackieTraverseArt or at her website

  37. Yaw^ko:/much thanks for this list. I will bookmark and share. We need to see more of our own original designs from Turtle Island. I also make a variety of jewelry, mocs, pouches, bags outfits ... Haudenosaunee

    1. Do you a website Patsy Day? I am looking for a set with 2 clans for me and my husband anniversary something only him & I would have together. Thank You nancy long

  38. Hi,
    I left you a message on your Etsy store. I decided to repost here in case it didn't go through or got eaten in transit.

    I'm the founder of a peer to peer marketplace created exclusively for Native American artisans and entrepreneurs for the sale of their products.

    We just wanted to let you know that your blog was instrumental in pinning down our core values regarding our startup By Tribal.
    We wanted to create an online space where Indigenous people could sell their wares without having to compete with fraudulent persons, and "native inspired" items.

    Our vision for By Tribal is a grand one and we want to become the premiere product and business aggregator for all things Native Made.

    We don't cost anything and we promote our sellers for free. We help people write listings, give tips on taking good photographs ofproducts, even help with client websites outside of By Tribal.
    We strive to offer a personal and concierge touch to online marketplaces.

    One day we hope we can get big enough to sponsor our own Native American crafts fairs and events! :D

    We just launched in Feb of 2018 and have acquired our first seller.
    However we are a young startup and we would really be much obliged if you could give us a few pointers or advice as we are struggling with a few things.

    We can be reached @

    And we can be found @

    and this is our Facebook page:

  39. where do you go when you have been ripped off by someone who says they are selling Sterling Native American items then they tell you they make them, then they tell you they are NOT Native american, then they tell you they can "duplicate" anything that is native american and are then allowed to call it Native American Made?????


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