October 5, 2015

Visual Celebrations of #nativefashion

I think we're witnessing a really interesting time in history when Native cultures can be acceptably and excitingly worn on the body publicly.

This wasn't always the case.

Even up until recently, I recall people trying to visually downplay their cultural differences. Thank goodness for the democratization of fashion and the avant-garde campaigns of the 1980s-1990s with creative ads by brands like the United Colors of Benetton. In these revolutionary images, people of diverse backgrounds were represented alongside each other in celebratory ways as chic fashion statements.

September 29, 2015

Speaking Strength Into Being

What is your personal mantra? What do you tell yourself when the going gets tough, or when you're nervous, tired, upset or down? We've all had those moments when we need a little extra encouragement.

I hit those moments a lot. I don’t think people know this, but I get insanely nervous every time I’m about to do a presentation or host an event. Deep down, I either feel like I want to flee (“run Jessica, just run for it!”) or vomit. I have a mantra that gets me through those times.

September 22, 2015

Designer Profile | Jeremy Arviso

Jeremy Arviso is a straight up guy. He doesn't mind being honest and upfront, and he actually seems to relish living in a genuine state of mind and bringing that sense of raw authenticity to fashion and art.

His work is vibrant and energetic; you can almost visualize him painting when you see his brush strokes on the canvas. He moves back and forth between two-dimensional painting and graphic art and three-dimensional fashion with ease, and much of his 2D work informs the designs seen on his streetwear.

September 3, 2015

Hitting the D Spot: Customers and Delight

I have officially started my Creative Startups program - so get ready for some posts about business! Beyond Buckskin was selected as one of nine small businesses to participate in the Creative Startups business accelerator and I couldn’t be more pumped. Their mission is to accelerate the success of creative entrepreneurs and economies, and they believe in the power of arts businesses to create dynamic and prosperous communities. Yes!

September 2, 2015

Artist Profile | Lloree Dickens

LLoree Dickens is the owner, artist, and creative director of LL Designs, which is an online store that sells awesome adult moccasins and adorable baby moccs. She is Arikara and White Earth Chippewa from the Three Affiliated Tribes (Mandan, Hidatsa, Arikara Nations). Dickens is also the newest artist to join the Beyond Buckskin Boutique roster with her beautiful beaded footwear. We love what she does, and we wanted to share some behind-the-scenes info with you through an interview. Scroll down to learn more about this rockstar artist who is keeping traditions alive and contemporary.

August 24, 2015

Creator's Magic: A New Native American Artist Podcast

We are excited to announce that one of Beyond Buckskin's artists is launching an all new podcast focusing on interviews with other Native American artists.

Michael Adams (Hopi/Tewa) resides on the Hopi reservation in the rural part of Northern Arizona. Here he remains connected to his culture and family, while running his jewelry design business, Gourd Jewels.

August 17, 2015

Santa Fe Indian Market 2015: Fashion, Style, and Fun Events

It's that time of year again! My favorite time - it's August, and that means it's time to head south for the annual Santa Fe Indian Market events! We have a fun schedule planned - cool live art, glow parties, fashion shows, style events, and more! We've compiled our favorite fashion, style, and fun events below - this is where you'll catch us this year at Santa Fe Indian Market! Scroll down to see more! >>