October 7, 2011

Diversity on the Catwalk

I love Jezebel.

Mostly because they are not afraid to disclose the ugly side of the fashion industry, and to do it with solid numbers. and graphs.

The Impact Of Diversity On The Catwalk

Every season, New York fashion week comes around, giving us all endless opportunities to gawk at front-row celebrities and trends in the making. And every season, this website tracks the racial diversity — or, more bluntly, the lack thereof — on display among the models who are cast for the top shows. This season's numbers are in, and fashion week was slightly more diverse than usual.

This is good news, obviously — but it's especially good news coming on the heels of last season, which was the whitest in years.

If the girls [on the runways] are mostly white, then the faces the rest of us will go on seeing in ads, magazines, and billboards will be white. And then the kind of beauty another generation of girls and boys will grow up being taught to value above all others will be white.

Read the entire breakdown by clicking here.

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