March 11, 2011

Heard Indian Market 2011 - Margaret Roach Wheeler

Margaret Roach Wheeler (Chickasaw/Choctaw) is one of my favorite artists to check in on at the Heard Indian Market. All of her garments are hand woven, and each year she brings a new style that she's been working on. You have to see her garments in person to appreciate the high-quality of the materials and her finely woven work is truly exceptional.

You can find her at all of the major Indian art markets, and she also teaches weaving workshops in various locations (last year she even went to England). She's also working on creating various Native fashion programs that she hopes to launch in either 2012 or 2013 (ah, the world of funding!). She's a delight to talk to, and it's clear that she's making her mark on the fashion and art worlds.

This year, she won a blue ribbon at the Heard Indian Market in the category Non-Traditional Attire for her 'Chickasaw Hunting Jacket':