March 13, 2011

Heard Indian Market 2011 - Indian Ink II

Indian Ink II

Thomas "Breeze" Marcus and Douglas Miles opened their co-curated show, Indian Ink II, during the Heard Indian Market weekend.

Indian Ink II was held at Pravus Gallery in downtown Phoenix and highlighted a number of emerging Native artists whose works "push out and ascend above the boundaries of stereotypical, traditional, and 'contemporary' Native American art." Almost every piece included in the show stuck with the black-and-white graphic palette, but there were a few well-placed punches of color (in particular, Melissa Cody's awesome Navajo weavings).

The opening reception featured a live collaborative mural installation by Marcus, Miles, and Lalo Cota. The opening was also catered by chef Mario (didn't catch his last name) who made gourmet Indian tacos and other delicious eats.

This post isn't directly related to fashion, but many of the Indian Ink artists collaborate to create Native streetwear, so they're definitely on my radar:

(Textiles by Melissa Cody)

(Art by Rebekah Miles)

(Mural in progress)

(Doug Miles)

(Rattles by Thomas Marcus)

(Razelle Benally and Thomas Marcus streaming live, and shot by Karl Duncan)

(Melissa Cody)

(Micah Wesley)

(Lalo Cota)

(Yatika Fields)