January 12, 2011

Santa Fe Indian Market 2010: Part 3 Native American Clothing Contest

It dawned on me that I never posted the pictures from the SWAIA Santa Fe Indian Market Native American Clothing Contest that was held last August in Santa Fe.

Among the many cherished traditions at the Santa Fe Indian Market, the Native American Clothing Contest (NACC) is one of the most beloved and anticipated events. For over twenty years, the NACC has been the most photographed event at the Santa Fe Indian Market. The contest includes categories for traditional and contemporary Native American fashions, features children and adult participants, and awards prizes in over 20 categories.

I volunteered for the event along with my friend Consuelo Pascual. We had a great time checking out all of the behind-the-scenes action.

At one point she grabbed me from my post to check out the collection made Racquel Begay (see below). It was fun to do an event with people who have a true passion for traditional and contemporary Native fashion.

My main job was to keep the photographers at bay. Professional, semi-pro, and amateurs all love this event, and the select few of us had to make sure all photographers had a Press Pass before they took any pictures (and that they weren't rude and pushy whilst snapping). All proceeds from the sales of the Press Passes go towards the planning and organizing of future shows. Meanwhile, I was snappin' away like crazy.

(Racquel Begay)

(Collaboration by designers Dallin Maybee and Laura Sheppherd)

(Dress by Patricia Michaels)

(Penny Singer)

(Clothes by Penny Singer and Dorothy Grant)

(Outfit by Dorothy Grant)

(Winning design by Orlando Dugi)

If you ever get the chance, definitely check out the show, it is held every Sunday during Indian Market, starting at 9am.

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(all images my own, unless otherwise noted as those by swaia.org)