May 24, 2010

Designer Profile | Sho Sho Esquiro

My friend Keith Grosbeck told me about a photo shoot he did with Larry Price and the fashion designs of Sho Sho Esquiro.

Born and raised in the Yukon,  Esquiro is inspired by her Kaska Dene culture and a keen sense of nature, but also the exciting colors and culture of city life.

She grew up with a mother as an artist and a strong supportive family that enabled her to live out her passion as a fashion designer. 

Esquiro makes custom clothing, including limited edition Pendleton corsets, hoodies, and purses.

Recently, she participated in the Evolve Fashion Show during the Talking Stick Festival, and was met with rave reviews.

One reporter wrote:

Another standout during the first half of the show was Sho Sho Esquiro, a Vancouver-based designer with a healthy love of hip-hop. Her line of made-to-order bustiers, which you can buy by contacting her at, could be the next must-have thing. With a zip-up front, these leather one-offs ($300 and up) feature front-and-centre panels of traditional Pendleton woolen blankets. She paired these with skinny jeans and heels. Most of the models wore them solo for a sexier look, but you could just as easily wear them over a T-shirt or even a plain black dress. Esquiro’s pièce de résistance was her contrasting hoodie ($200 and up). With houndstooth sleeves and mink embellishments on the hood, the body was made from brightly hued Pendleton fabric. It was an immediate favorite with many of those in attendance.

Sho Sho's website is currently under construction, but she can been reached via her MySpace page.