May 19, 2010

Designer Profile | Kulus Designs

Hello all!-
I took a brief hiatus from blogging to attend my doctoral graduation events! I hope to have some pics to post next week:)

For now, here is a designer profile of Kulus Designs, featuring Northwest Coast designs on chic fashions.

The bio below is from the Kulus website, which you can visit to find more info about their collections, stores, and the artists featured, including Rande Cook and John Livingston. Cheers!

(Above left: Dzunuk’wa (wild woman) Halter Top from the Kulus Designs Spring/Summer 2009 Collection)

(Kulus Designs Full Moon Blouse from the Fall/Winter 2009 Collection)

(Kulus Designs Hummingbird Cardigan from the Fall/Winter 2009 Collection)
Kulus (pronounced coo loose) Designs is a women’s clothing line that features contemporary Northwest Coast Native Art. Amanda Anderson is the owner/operator of Kulus Designs and the Kulus is a crest passed down to her by her family. The Kulus is a mythological bird that is cousin to the Thunderbird in Kwagulth culture. It is believed that the Kulus with its amazing strength lifted up the logs that helped build the first big house.

The inspiration for this line came from Amanda watching her mother produce traditional native art regalia for potlatches. Kulus Designs takes traditional art and brings it to our modern world while staying true to its West Coast origins.

Kulus Designs are made from an ethically-sourced fabric blend of 66% bamboo, 28% cotton, and 6% spandex, with most of the First Nations images by BC Artists John Livingston and Rande Cook.