January 28, 2024

Video | IG Live Discussion Setting the Record Straight about LV and Pharrell

For this video, we welcome Lauren Good Day, Cece Meadows, and Jamie Okuma for a very interesting discussion about the cultural exchange that occurred between members of the Lakota and Dakota Nations with Louis Vuitton and Pharrell Williams. 

This discussion stems from misinformation that was spread by various Native American “influencers” and “news reporters" on social media.

And this begs the question - What is our responsibility to NOT spread misinformation? 

How do our decisions to spread lies and assumptions harm actual humans, their businesses, and their mental health? How do these actions affect or influence our youth and young adults. How can we do better moving forward? or are we just stuck in a world that feeds off of drama and lies? 

We need to talk more about our ethical obligations to be truthful, helpful, positive, and to disclose if/when you do not have the facts.

This video was a powerful one. We share a lot of information and education, we hit to the core of hard issues, but we also laugh - because we want to show how much fun and wonderful support and allyship can look like.