January 29, 2021

Top 10 Gift Boxes and Sets

Valentine’s Day is weird (no I’m not jaded), but whatever (I swear, I’m not jaded!). I do agree that we should celebrate our loved ones - and this day does create time to do that, so that's good.

But when I think of Valentine’s Day, I think of pink hearts and those cartoony "Valentines" we were forced to give and receive in grade school whether we wanted to participate or not (EVERYONE SHALL GET A CARD DAMMIT). Later in life, I was coerced into thinking Valentine’s Day was when a guy either A) gave you flowers and chocolates, or B) HE SIMPLY HATED YOU. 

And even later in life, I embraced variations of 'Valentine's Day', like Galentine's Day (hanging with the gals!) or, even better, Black Valentine's (using sarcasm to better understand and appreciate the cult of VDay). 

SO, keeping all these things in mind (and letting you know where I'm coming from), I’ve created a list of my top 10 gift boxes or sets to give to folks you like or love (or, my fav, the people you hate the least), anytime of year. Here we go! >> 

Legit, this chocolate is worth EVERY CENT. Their gift sets last forever and each bite is orgasmic. Snatch up a Bedré Chocolates Tinfully Sweet Gift Set, $53

Wine? Why, yes! Always! Check out the luxurious award-winning Kita Wine Bundle, $95

The way to the heart is through the belly! For your next delicious charcuterie board, chop up gluten-free, hormone-free, low-fat American Bison from the Tanka Variety Gift Box, $60

One for them, one for you. Treat yourself or someone special with this Take Care of Yourself Gift Box, $65, featuring sage, sweetgrass, tea, honey, a mug, candle, lip balm, and lotion, all from various Native businesses.

For the most ruggedly handsome men ever, snatch up this Mammoth Gift Set, $80, featuring shave cream, deodorant bar, soap, body balm, and hand sanitizer, all made from genuine mammoth tooth extract. Wow.

Sister Sky never lets us down, so be sure to get this Layering Gift Set in Sweetgrass or White Willow, $50 

Brighten up your hand-washing routine with this enchanting Shima Navajoland Soap Set, $50

Warrior Women unite with bold, sustainable lipstick sets by Cheekbone Beauty, $48-$96

We love these timeless unisex Stud Sets by Beyond Buckskin, $130 

And last, but not least, get at least one Sticker Pack of your choice of 7 cool stickers by Steven Paul Judd, $20