November 10, 2020

Top 10 Artist Prints to Enhance Your Space

I love artist prints. They are accessible, easy to ship, and affordable ways to support your favorite artists or get to know new ones.

Artist prints look great in your home, but also your office or workspace. They can beautify or empower. They can remind or inspire. Below, I have hand-selected my favorites - those to easily bring into your spaces or to share with others.

I think it is important to surround yourself with visual reminders of our cultural diversity and strength. Most artists have multiple prints available, so please head to their websites to discover more. (Just click the title in the captions to shop.)

Last, it is important to note, and to keep in mind, that most artists offer their prints in limited quantities, and after they are sold out they will not be restocked. We hope you enjoy this selection and use it as an inspiration to build, or continue building, your art collection.

Flamenca by Nani Chacon, $120

Buffalo Color Study by Frank Buffalo Hyde, $150

Caribou Ballerina by Aakatchaq, $40

Indian Jesus by Bunky Echo Hawk, $40

Dakota Floral by Avis Charley, $120

Three Sisters, collection of 3 prints, by Steph Littlebird, $55

Eagle Raven Tessellation by Rico Worl, $59

Eagles by Topah Spoonhunter, $30

The Storyteller by Bryan Waytula, $55

Balance by Michelle Lowden, $48