September 5, 2019

Club/BBTee: Native American T-Shirt of the Month Club

We have been anxiously awaiting the launch of this new awesome subscription club option! Introducing Club/BBTee: Native American T-shirt of the Month Club!  We can't wait to bring you killer new and unreleased designs by some of our favorite Native American artists! 

This project is meant to open up more doors for designers, and to share their creative talent with more people. Just think about it - every month, you not only get a wardrobe refresher, but you also get to learn about new designers - it's like a rabbit hole of awesomeness. 

Each card that accompanies the tee includes an artist bio and design story, and links to check out their current work, and social media handles to follow them online! We could not be more excited.

Our first artist is none other than Jared Yazzie, who hails from the Navajo Nation and runs his own clothing brand, OxDx (

About his Blue Corn Sovereignty design for the September tee, he explains, "The month of September reminds me of going back home for harvest season. My grandparents took care of a few acres of corn fields and squash fields in a hand built cabin near Shonto on the Navajo Rez. My family would walk the rows of corn, pick the fully grown ones, and toss them in the back of my dad's truck. We'd fill his truck bed multiple times easily and go through the processes of steaming corn through the mud oven we built, or roasting corn over a fire, or grinding corn to make kneel down bread. This process showed me the pride my grandparents had in maintaining their land for us all to feed ourselves.It was a selfless act, they even allowed neighboring houses to drive their trucks and fill their truck beds at no cost. I could tell they enjoyed our help, and were proud we were interested in learning and spending time with them. Food is what brought us together and what taught us hard work. We were independent by growing food that loved us back,nothing packed with sugar or preservatives that looks to endanger our health. Through this design I've shown blue corn at harvest season and included the words "RECLAIM" and "RESTORE" to show the strength of food sovereignty. Happy harvest season, relatives :)"

Quick stats: sizes XS-4XL available, $28/month with free US shipping included (and we ship worldwide), cancel anytime. Click here to JOIN NOWand join our continued efforts to bring greater recognition to America's first artists and original designers.