June 29, 2017

Streetwear: Make a Statement

Throughout the '80s and '90s, American fashion was typified and recognized by two staples: a t-shirt and a pair jeans. The t-shirt became a way for people to announce their feelings or affiliations without ever speaking a word.

Minority designers found the tee to be especially powerful in subverting accepted norms and offering new perspectives. Today, dozens of Native American artists emblazon the standard 'American tee' with slogans and images that oftentimes directly counter mainstream pop culture.

Whether it is an in-your-face "THIS IS NATIVE LAND" statement, or a more subdued sweatshirt with the word NATIVE - we seek to subconsciously communicate that we are still here, and that we shall remain. Jared Yazzie's MIS-REP baseball tee takes it further and references the mis-representations of Native people in sports mascots, with a punk-reference twist.

For summer, we remixed the Native Americans Discovered Columbus tee and transformed it into a limited edition tank. Every year we celebrate the anniversary of Christopher Columbus's arrival to the Americas. Why? He was no hero. Let's flip this. Reconsider the story of discovery. Wear this tank to show your solidarity with Native Americans. Get yours now at this link.

Please support Native American artists and entrepreneurs, we do much to carry our legacies forward and provide opportunities for future generations. Click here to shop the options now.