April 6, 2017

Sky Dancer Fashion Show

Last week, I had the great honor of hosting a local fashion show at the Sky Dancer Casino, located on our reservation in Belcourt, ND. We featured over 25 looks by Native designers from throughout the US and Canada, and the response was amazing.

I love putting on fashion shows! It is so much fun to work with the models and designers for events like these. We had a huge response from young adults and teens from our community wanting to participate as models, which is so great because it takes a lot of strength and confidence (and extra time!) to be a part of a runway show.

I want to give a huge thank you to the Tribal Nations Research Group for hosting this event and asking us to be a part of it. Anita Frederick helped us so much with the venue and space.

(Above left: Seth models a custom denim jacket with a Face the Music tee by Vosq Co. and Beaded Sunglasses by Candace Halcro. Above right: Alexis models a custom black dress with beaded collar statement necklace by Amber Allery and silk scarf by Virgil Ortiz. Below: Lexius, Jayde, and Mikayla wear ribbon skirts by Judy Azure accessorized with jewelry and tops by various artists.)

Most of the items on display are available for purchase online or in store. I work with over 40 Native American and First Nations designers doing incredible work. And although the artists who I work with come from throughout the US and Canada, I think it is just as important to spotlight local talent, so we also featured ribbon skirts by Judy Azure, birchbark medallions by Chuck Stoneboy and bone bracelets by Lynn LaRocque. Customers from throughout the world shop our online store to purchase these amazing handmade items, and I think it was so awesome to have our own beautiful and handsome community members model these designs.

(Below, Clay models a Native Sons tee by Vosq Co. with a birchbark medallion by Chuck Stoneboy, and Sydney models an Earth Cape with Floral Appliqué by Tammy Beauvais and Fringe Purse by Nathalie Waldman.)

All photos are courtesy of Turtle Mountain rockstar photographer Jacob Laducer.