January 27, 2016

Blaze of Love: Choose Native-Made for Your Valentine

You know us!: We are always promoting Native-made art, fashion, and other items, and we show no signs of slowing down. New Native-owned businesses are popping up all the time, and it's never been easier to pick out something totally unique and special for your loved ones.

To help the cause, we selected 24 gift ideas that range from a mix-tape download to beaded bling, from a cozy knit cowl scarf to a bold shark tooth pendant and everything in between (like the unisex Power Quill Cuff by Michael Red Cloud pictured left).

These are in no particular order, and they are great for people of all ages, backgrounds, preferences, connections, and whatever else! Express your appreciation, surprise your mate, and support artists, small businesses, and economic growth in Indian Country. It's a win-win-win situation. Scroll down to view our suggestions now (and feel free to pass this link on to your significant other with a big ol' *hint hint* and a little ol' *wink wink*).

(L): Peyote Stitch Necklaces by the Lossie sisters
(R): Backbone Cowl by Maggie Thompson

(L): Art Card by Crystal Worl
(R): Make-up by Kamamak

(L): Shark Tooth Pendant by Tchin Designs
(R): Gift of the Raven Hoodie by Alano Edzerza

(L): Nizhoni Necklace by Nanibaa Beck
(R): Coffee Gift Set by Hoka Coffee

(L): Northern Light Soy Candle by Amy Hoffman
(R): Journey in Spirit Scarf by Nalaga O'Brien

(L): Birch Bark Basket by Osawamick's Wingush Crafts
(R): Vibes Triangle Earrings by Resonate Art

(L): Rez Spine Moto Duffle by Virgil Ortiz

(L): Chippewow Blossom Earrings by MaRia Bird
(R): Art Print by Nani Chacon

(L): Greeting Cards by Eighth Generation
(R): Beauty Products by ArXotica

(L): Loksi (Turtle) Cufflinks by Kristen Dorsey
(R): Love Medicine by Louise Erdrich

(L): Chocolate Bars by Bedré Chocolates
(R): Wool Mittens by Manitobah Mukluks

(L): Beads Over Diamonds Tee by The NTVS
(R): Flutter Porcupine Quill Cuff by Michael Red Cloud

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