August 24, 2015

Creator's Magic: A New Native American Artist Podcast

We are excited to announce that one of Beyond Buckskin's artists is launching an all new podcast focusing on interviews with other Native American artists.

Michael Adams (Hopi/Tewa) resides on the Hopi reservation in the rural part of Northern Arizona. Here he remains connected to his culture and family, while running his jewelry design business, Gourd Jewels.

As an artist himself, he has managed to connect with many other talented artists from various tribes at art shows, such as the Heard Indian Market, Santa Fe Indian Market, the Autry's American Indian Arts Marketplace, and others. Adams explained,
"Every artist has a story to share regarding their experience, their vision, or message behind their work. I love engaging other artists about their creation process or why they create or where they learned. Almost every artist talks about passing on their knowledge to younger generations to continue their heritage."
For these reasons, Adams is currently laying the ground work to launch his first digital podcast show that will interview Native artists from across Indian Country. He explained, "My goal with Creator's Magic podcast is to document these amazing stories from artists as I search to uncover their passion, their message, their strength, and how they create their work. Artists like my mom, who is a Hopi Potter, have incredible messages to share about how their art intertwines with their life experiences and cultural heritage. I want to capture a glimpse of that to share with all those interested in Native art."

Creator's Magic will launch in October and feature a new artist every week. He has already lined up some interesting guests, but he would like you to drive the direction of the show by connecting him with the artists that you want to hear from. If you'd like to suggest an artist to be featured on the podcast, please contact Adams at