December 17, 2013

Holiday Sparkle

Beyond Buckskin just mailed out over 21 payments to individual Native American and First Nations designers throughout Turtle Island for purchases made on Beyond Buckskin this past week alone (and our cheesy image to the left of the stack of checks is our small celebration to the fact).

We still have to make payments for the final round of sales occurring this week, but we can see some preliminary results. In the weeks prior (including our Cyber Monday sale), over 50 checks have been cut to pay artists for BBB holiday sales.

This is huge. From the Mohawk Nation, to the Navajo Nation, up to the Northwest Coast, and back to the Northern Plains where Beyond Buckskin is headquartered, we've bolstered local economies and invested in our creative capital. We have the capacity to imagine, express, and bring about new possibilities and positive change.

Thank you to everyone who joined us in our efforts to BUY NATIVE this holiday season, and thank you for celebrating and supporting our local communities, our creative traditions, and our beautiful cultural differences. Chi-miigwetch!