May 7, 2013

BBB Anniversary Sales Event

Happy Anniversary to Beyond Buckskin! One year ago today I launched the Boutique not know what was going to happen - would people respond to this new thing we've started? Would they support it? Would it provide new opportunities for Native American designers and artists? Would the world take notice?

The boutique launched the morning of May 7, 2012. I was still in Tempe, finishing up my contract with ASU and putting to end a dark chapter in my life. I put my heart and energy into this new project. "It could work," I thought.

We had Virgil Ortiz as our first Featured Artist. Virgil, along with other established designers such as Patricia Michaels, Jamie Okuma and Tammy Beauvais have been wonderful supporters of not only Beyond Buckskin, but also of the young emerging designers that we feature on the site. The unexpected combination of designers and artists who are familiar with the scene, coupled with some new kids on the block, created a unique sense of community - with the idea of supporting one another at the core. If we bring a large group of designers together, we can cause a stir. How can people ignore all this excitement?

When the Boutique was only a few weeks old, I packed up my apartment and headed back to the Turtle Mountains of North Dakota. I would need the support of my family and my community to make this work. Since then, this past year has been amazing. It hasn't been easy - but then, nothing truly great should be easy to achieve. 

To celebrate all the accomplishments of this past year, we're hosting a BBB Anniversary Sales Event. It's actually going on right now, and expires tonight. So please, celebrate with us and Buy Native American-Made Fashion and Jewelry, and rock it out!

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