March 9, 2013

BB Facebook | Best of February

I post a lot of fashion news on the Beyond Buckskin Facebook Fan Page. It's a great way to share info quickly without having to prep and write an entire post on it.

Every 4 weeks or so I take the time to compile these tidbits into a 'Best of' post for each month where I highlight some of the coolest images, the most interesting articles, the biggest misappropriators, and the neatest videos that were posted to the Beyond Buckskin Facebook page. So here you go, fashionistas, the Best of BB's FB page for February:

1. There was this cool image of Lisa Two Charge wearing a fabulous jacket by Penny Singer.

2. Seal Skin Couture (by Indigenous Princess) landed on the cover of First Alaskans Magazine.

3. The Smithsonian hosted an insightful symposium that focused on Racial Stereotypes and Cultural Appropriation in American Sports.

4. New York Fashion Week kicked off, and you can view the entire Project Runway collection by clicking here (there's 8 designers in this collection - and the rumor is that they threw in some non-finalist designers so we wouldn't figure out who wins!). Even if Patricia Michaels doesn't win Project Runway, she still showed a collection during the Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week on the official program - she is the FIRST Native American designer to do this!! *claps hands*

5. Navajo singer Radmilla Cody was nominated for a Grammy.

6. I spoke to Fast Co.Design about Jeremy Scott's "totem" collection - check out the article by clicking here.

7. We had a huge debate about this wack-job.

8. There was this cool jewelry set by Urban Native Design Co.

9. Painted Warrior Designs launched their Facebook Fanpage! *stoked*

10. The BBBxP4 event was a huge success:) And we're already planning for next year! Bada-bing!

Jacket by Jamie Okuma. At the BBBxP4 Event. Sold.