February 17, 2013

Beyond Buckskin Lookbook

Beyond Buckskin is proud to announce that we are publishing a high-quality book to spotlight Native American-made fashion as it has never been seen before.

In this new and exciting book, over seventeen designers represent the Northwest Coast, Southwest, Northern Plains, California, Plateau and Southeastern Native American adornment legacies in contemporary fashion designs that range from high end couture to casual streetwear, and accessories and a range of jewelry.

Shot in the greater Los Angeles area, the book also demonstrates how Native style transcends space and time. Key participants of this book include the following individuals:

PHOTOGRAPHY by Anthony “Thosh” Collins (Pima/Osage)
ART DIRECTION by Bethany Yellowtail (Crow/Northern Cheyenne)
TEXT by Jessica Metcalfe (Turtle Mountain Chippewa)
DESIGN + LAYOUT by Victor Pascual (Navajo), DGTL/NVJO
MODELS Martin Sensmeier (Tlingit) and Blake Sisk (Osage)
LOCATIONS Native America

This book has historical significance. This is the first time that such a large group of Native American fashion designers have come together for one photoshoot, and the book features striking images from this shoot alongside text pertaining to artist bios and quotes for an overall sophisticated publication that documents Native fashion being created now.

This book will be used to highlight the professionalism of Native American artists and designers, and to encourage customers, leaders, and business partners to invest in Native-made fashion and art as forms of economic development in Indian Country. The project also presents Native-made fashion as strong visual forms sovereignty as it pertains to reclaiming Native representations in mainstream media. Furthermore, we plan to donate copies of this book to select museums, libraries, or repositories for future reference. We hope this book will be the first of many.

In over 22 looks, the book features couture fashion designs by Consuelo Pascual (Navajo/Mayan), Bethany Yellowtail (Crow/Northern Cheyenne), Jamie Okuma (Luiseno/Shoshone Bannock) and Dick Bernanin. Streetwear is by Alano Edzerza (Tahltan), Jared Yazzie (Navajo), and Candace Halcro (Cree/Metis), and the jewelry is by Ista Ska (Lakota), Nicholas Galanin (Tlingit/Aleut), David Gaussoin (Navajo/Pueblo), Andrea Preston (Navajo), MaRia Bird (Hopi/Navajo), Kristen Dorsey (Chickasaw), TSOul (Navajo), and more.

The book will launch March 12 in Las Vegas during the Reservation Economic Summit (we're throwing a big celebration/launch event), but you can support this amazing project and pre-order your copy now at our rock-bottom lowest introductory price rate by clicking here. If you are interested in sponsoring this fashion documentation program, click here to contact us and we can discuss options.

Mission: Beyond Buckskin (beyondbuckskin.com) empowers Native American artists and designers, advancing the quality of Native American fashion through education while providing an in depth podium for societal participation. Inspired by relevant historical and contemporary Native American clothing design and art, Beyond Buckskin promotes cultural appreciation, social relationships, authenticity and creativity.