November 21, 2012

Beyond Buckskin Street Style Fashion Show

Last weekend, the awesome folks at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor helped me to launch and host the first ever Beyond Buckskin Street Style Fashion Show (click here to read more about the weekend).

The models for the show were all students (a great combo of beautiful faces from all backgrounds) and the garments for the event came from the Beyond Buckskin Boutique as well as the Beyond Buckskin personal collection of Native-made fashion. The students remixed the items to make them their own and rocked it out on the runway. The talented photographer Brita Brookes was in attendance and did an amazing job of capturing the fun and creative energy of the night. It was definitely an inspiring experience.

So without further adieu, here are the images from the first-ever Beyond Buckskin Street Style Fashion show (accompanied with links to the items for sale on BBB):

Helki Jackson wears a tee by Adam Parker accessorized with a cool sea otter key whole scarf by Louise A. Kadinger and copper bracelets and earrings by Nicholas Galanin.

Noel Gordon wears the Ye'ii Tee by Dustin Martin for SOLO along with Dine Bizaad bandanas in white and peach by David Sloan and beaded sunglasses by Candace Halcro.

Kelci Jimenez wears Virgil Ortiz's
Yellow Mitchtewa silk scarf and yellow beaded earrings by Jovi Pacheco.

Ramiro Alvarez wears the Native Americans Discovered Columbus Tee by Jared Yazzie for his company OXDX along with the Sunflower Galaxy Medallion by The Soft Museum, a yellow Dine Bizaad Bandana by David Sloan and a black Loksi Leather Wrap Bracelet by Kristen Dorsey.

Sarah Ballew wears a dress by Danita Strawberry and Native American beaded earrings.

Isa Gaillard wears an Eagle Tee by Alano Edzerza along with a yellow Dine Bizaad bandana by David Sloan.

Tashina Emery wears Mea B'Fly Humma Bird Earrings, 8-Bit Neo-Traditional Solar Flare Medallion by The Soft Museum, and Native-made beaded cuff bracelets.

Eduardo Bustamante wears a Dick Bernanin Hipster Headdress Bowtie in Rust.

Jaimee Marsh wears Virgil Ortiz's Runner Red Silk Scarf with David Gaussoin's Fashion Earrings and Pilar Agoyo's silver purse.

Brandon Jimenez wears Alano Edzerza's Eagle Hoodie.

Stevon Rendon (center) wears the Lone Resistance Tee by Dustin Martin for SOLO.

Sarah Ballew poses with Michelle Saboo, wearing the Red Sea Monster Tunic Dress by Alano Edzerza accessorized with beaded earrings, and beaded cuff, and a turquoise necklace.

Me (wearing Alano Edzerza's Turquoise Sea Monster Tunic Dress with extra-long Blueberry Copper Earrings by Nicholas Galanin) with the photographer, Brita Brookes.

One last pose - the models with NASA co-chairs Sarrah Ballew and Forrest Cox along with other NASA members (including Rachel DeRusha who I spoke with a lot when planning this event!)

To read more about this event click here.