October 14, 2012

Insta-Win Earrings Competition

I'm very excited to announce that MaRia Bird and Andrea Preston are putting on a cool competition on Instagram. They made the official announcement in the video below (where you get to learn a bit more about them as people - which is very cool, and they are silly).

So if you have an Instagram account, and own Mea B'Fly or DreLynn Designs earrings, take an awesome creative picture of the earrings (either of you wearing them, or another person wearing them, or in a cool setting), post the pic on Instagram, and tag @drepreston and @meabfly.

The competition ends Friday, October 26, 2012. Four winners will be selected based upon creativity. First Place will be a pair of beaded earrings by Preston, and the other three winners will get a new pair of fresh Mea B'Fly graphic earrings to rock. So get snappin' and taggin'.