September 9, 2012

Video | Dmonic Intent: NZ New Generation Fashion

Taking the dark things and making them pretty.

That is exactly what the Maori family design team behind Dmonic Intent accomplishes in each garment.

DI showed their first full collection at New Zealand Fashion Week, which kicked off last Monday, and ended two days ago. You can click here or here to see some images.

The video below shows some behind the scenes footage of their designs in the days leading up to NZFW. Their beautiful and brilliant barcode chin tattoo is a highlight, and be sure to watch through to the end snapshots.

DI has been described as hardcore, edgy, and avant-garde - but at this point, I'm not sure if those terms really give them justice. They seem to be beyond these hot haute terms, and in their own land of amazing talent, vision, and execution. There is something enticing about the raw dark beauty that exists at the core of their creativity. I hope you enjoy the video:

You can also click here to watch a cool news video that features interviews with the designers and discusses how they got started with fashion (hint: garage).

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