July 13, 2012

Flashback Friday | Revisiting the Past

I'm instituting a new tradition for Beyond Buckskin - Flashback Friday.

I've been writing on this blog for almost three years now, and some really cool posts of the past end up just archived and new followers don't get the chance to really scope them out. So to keep BB always sexy and relevant, I'll be posting a 'Flashback' post every Friday, where I look to the past, find a cool post that happened approximately the same time of year, and bring it forward.

This first post comes from two years ago and was a designer profile. I love designer profiles, because the artists who are at the core of this site get center stage. All those issues that come with the fashion industry (misappropriation, stereotypes, etc) are put off to the margins and we get to imagine a cool Native fashion world.

This particular profile looked at the design team known as oda. Born from a shared vision of creating hip, wearable art, oda's design trio – Angie Kim, Mandalyn Begay, and Maggie Kim – introduced their debut collection in 2005. Angie and Maggie first met Mandalyn as undergraduates at Dartmouth College and started their eco-fashion line when they met up again in San Francisco.

Check out the full profile by clicking here. Happy Friday everyone, enjoy your summer weekends!