April 10, 2012

Urban Beat | CTV British Columbia

Click the link below to access a cool video put out by CTV British Columbia. Titled Urban Beat, this 22-minute long segment looks into the simmering controversy over the definition of Métis, and the first Métis nation Prime Minister. Also meet contemporary artist Alano Edzerza making his mark in Northwest Coast design, then roll out with a fresh new Beat Nation art project that takes tradition and puts it on wheels, hip-hop style.

Edzerza's segment begins around the 10 minute mark, and you get to see him in action. From his carving to his jewelry to his fashion designs, you can't keep up with this guy. (Don't sleep, people). Click here to watch: Urban Beat | CTV British Columbia.

"It's a great way to be able to show the presence of culture and the community on clothing. Allowing people to see that it's not a dying culture - it's actually growing. The more that it's out there, the more people recognize it, and the faster, the bigger the snowball grows." - Alano Edzerza