April 26, 2012

Designer Profile | Genevieve Hardy

Genevieve J. Hardy is a Navajo traditional wool dress weaver from Fort Defiance, Arizona. Hardy comes from a family of weavers: her grandparents were weavers and her mother Mary is also a weaver.

Growing up surrounded by weaving, Hardy put herself in front of the loom when she was a young teenager. In high school, she took courses in sewing, drawing and clothing-making and decided to use this knowledge to perfect her skills in making outfits.

As an adult, Hardy combined her weaving with sewing and made clothing for her children and relatives. Hardy also created traditional Navajo rug dresses for her daughters' graduations.

Excited to have the public see her work, she explained, “I would rather be known for the Lady who has woven this Biil’ee, then my talents to be hidden in someone’s home on the wall or furniture.” Since then, Hardy has put her sewing machine aside and was most interested in weaving more dresses, and new items such like shirts, vest, and saddle blankets.

Hardy was recently featured in the annual American Indian Graduate Student Association (AIGSA) Fashion Show as part of Arizona State University Culture Week events in Tempe, AZ (both images are from that event). Her work combines contemporary fashion with traditional Navajo woven rug dress designs and patterns.

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