April 4, 2012

Designer Profile | Adam Parker

Here is a quick profile on Navajo silkscreen artist Adam Parker. I met him randomly last year at a fashion event held during one of the many 2011 Gathering of Nations post-powwow/after-hour parties. He wasn't in the fashion show, but he was wearing one of his own silkscreened suit jackets and it caught my eye (left). Scroll down to read the mini-interview and see a few of his designs:

BB: What is your name and what do you do?

AP: My name is Adam Parker but I usually just go by A.P., I am primarily a screen printer and graphic designer. My company name is Endemik Graphics and Endemik Apparel.

BB: How did you get started in this biz?

AP: I got started when I was 12 years old with my brother Matthew Tafoya. I started from the bottom - cleaning screens and printing - then I got into sales.

BB: How would you describe your style?

AP: My style includes large printing with very detailed images. I like to do process printing (CMYK). I like when other printers accuse me of doing a transfer print. I feel what sets me apart from my competition is my ability to produce on site (such as event shirts).

Catch Endemik on April 27 for the Central Visionaries Fashion Show at Salsa Baby in Albuquerque during Gathering of Nations 2012. Endemik will be joined by fashion designers Sho Sho Esquiro and Sharidynn Denetchiley, and jewelry designer Colin Coonsis.