February 21, 2012

At the Edge of Canada: Indigenous Research

When I was in Winnipeg the other week, I was asked to do an interview for the radio show At the Edge of Canada: Indigenous Research, and it was a wonderful experience talking with the host, Dr Robert-Falcon Ouellette, about the exciting world of Native fashion. The interview is available online as a podcast, and you can access it by clicking here or here (and I actually sound semi-intelligent. Rock out!)

At the Edge of Canada is produced at the University of Manitoba's UMFM on 101.5 FM in Winnipeg, Manitoba. It is hosted by Dr Ouellette, who is also the program director of the Aboriginal Focus Programs at the U of M.

This program features a diversity of Aboriginal viewpoints and perspectives of those conducting research with Indigenous communities on Turtle Island and from around the world through interviews with researchers, politicians, artists, and business peoples.

It was an honor to be a part of this, and definitely check out the podcast!