February 23, 2012

10 Favorite Native Websites and Blogs

Dear readers,

I have a request - I need to come up with a list of our Ten Favorite Native American Websites and Blogs for an article that I'm writing for Native Peoples Magazine (for their special SWAIA Indian Market issue) and I would love your input.

Which Native-focused websites and blogs do you visit often for information about Native cultures, arts, and contemporary representations, and discussions on current issues/news?

I have drafted up a quick preliminary list pasted below (and I'm already at 20!) - but who am I forgetting? (Please only suggest sites that are updated frequently.)

10 Favorite Native Websites/Blogs:

  1. SWAIA (swaia.org): From the folks who bring us the biggest Indian arts market event in the U.S., swaia.org features information on past and future events, artists, and a ton of images.
  2. NATIVE PEOPLES (nativepeoples.com): The foremost Native American arts and cultures magazine also has a nifty website where you can take a digital peek at their latest and past issues.
  3. INDIAN COUNTRY TODAY (indiancountrytoday.com): ICT covers everything from current legal news to arts events, student spotlights, powwow schedules, and more.
  4. NATIVE AMERICA CALLING (nativeamericacalling.com): The major hit Native radio show features new guests and topics every weekday.
  5. THE 1491s (1491s.com): This popular all-Native filmmaker collective has their own website. They update it often with new video productions that will change your perceptions of Native people.
  6. NATIVE APPROPRIATIONS (nativeappropriations.blogspot.com): Cherokee Harvard grad student Adrienne Keene humorously critiques representations of American Indians in popular culture.
  7. RED MAN LAUGHING (redmanlaughing.com): Ojibway/Metis comedian Ryan McMahon is a ‘stereotype-destroying artist,’ and his entertaining podcasts mix rants, sketches, chats and music from Indian Country.
  8. THE LAST REAL INDIANS (lastrealindians.com): This group of Native academics discusses important issues that affect the daily lives of Native people.
  9. URBAN NATIVE GIRL STUFF (lisacharleyboy.com): Toronto-based urban Native girl Lisa Charleyboy brings us her thoughts on fashion, film, beauty, and pop culture.
  10. CONTEMPORARY NORTH AMERICAN INDIGENOUS ARTISTS (contemporarynativeartists.tumblr.com): Headed up by Crow multi-media artist Wendy Red Star, this website features interviews with some of the most exciting Native artists producing today.
  11. BEYOND BUCKSKIN (beyondbuckskin.com): Here is your one stop spot for all things related to Native American fashion and style.
  12. BEYOND THE MESAS (beyondthemesas.com): Hopi academic Matthew Sakiestewa Gilbert discusses issues relating to Hopi history, politics, education, arts, and current happenings on the Hopi Reservation.
  13. BERLIN GALLERY (berlingallery.blogspot.com): Keep up with the latest events and artists featured at this Heard Museum gallery.
  14. AHALENIA (ahalenia.blogspot.com): Cherokee artist America Meredith posts on Native art history and events.
  15. NOT ARTOMATIC (travelpeapod.wordpress.com): Cherokee art historian Lara Evans brings critical art discussion to the blog world.
  16. JUST SEEDS (justseeds.org/blog): This cooperative of over two dozen artists takes a distinctive social, environmental, and political stance.
  17. NAVAJO NOW (navajonow.wordpress.com): This site is dedicated to learning and perpetuating the Navajo language.
  18. NMAI BLOG (blog.nmai.si.edu): The National Museum of the American Indian brings its collections to the masses via their blog.
  19. NATIVE AMERICAN INDIAN - OLD PHOTOS (www.facebook.com/pages/Native-American-Indian-Old-Photos/10150102703945578): This Facebook page is a collection of public-domain photos, taken by various photographers between 1847 and 1950, representing Native North American people from many Tribes and Nations.
  20. APIHTAWIKOSISAN (apihtawikosisan.com): Montreal-based Metis writer discusses law, language, and issues in Indian Country, and does so in a way that is articulate and intelligent.


  1. I recently have enjoyed reading this blog (which unfortunately I can't pronounce correctly):


  2. Oops! Sorry,  I didn't see you already listed the site below.


  3. what about www.ondarezmama.com it is a new blog about being a mom on the rez.

  4. What a list! Though sorry, no blog recommendations. Have you thought about looking into Martha Berry's beadwork someday? It's pretty great :)


  5. Indigenous Music at http://rpm.fm/ and I've got it booked mark next to Beyond Buckskin. A daily visit to both sites.

  6. That's a great list. I'm honored to be one that came to mind. One site I would include is IndigeniousTweets.com It's got a whole bunch of indigenous languages and the people who tweet in those languages.  Krystle-Navajo Now

  7. Life and Times of a Modern Day NDN Princess

  8. Check out which websites made the FINAL CUT in the July/August 2012 issue of Native Peoples Magazine! On shelves now!

  9. Native Remembrance Day

    I would like to pay tribute to those who died
    While introducing you to our native pride
    We are Cherokee, Iroquois, and Lakota
    We are Navajo, Algonquin, and Dakota
    Our lands were open and free to roam
    But when the pilgrims came, we lost our home
    We are Omaha, Sioux, and Pawnee
    We are Mohegan, Crow, and Shawnee
    Our people were brave, our tribes were strong
    What was done to them was very wrong
    We are Hopi, Ottawa, and Comanche
    We are Pueblo, Cree, and Apache
    Now my friends, let the truth be told
    Our people were killed, beaten and sold
    To this day, we get no respect
    The word used to describe us, we must reject
    A football team even bears the name
    Which brings us dishonor, grief and shame
    So tell me the truth, what would you say
    For us, is it a Thanksgiving Day?

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