January 30, 2012

Save Us From Our Followers

"New Tlingit 'Encyclopedia' Baffling to Scholars, Speakers"

I have no words.. just a link! Click here.

This stuff still goes on? Of course... this is a prime example of why it is important for us to command our cultures ship. Here is a photo..

(This link was brought to you by Indian Nick.)


  1. This quote is very telling:

    “For those of us that have been studying Tlingit for forty-plus years and working with elders, I think it was surprising not to have heard of her or her work. We’re a pretty tight-knit community when it comes to language-learning, and open to sharing our points of view with everybody and networking with those of us that are language teachers and language learners. So, I guess it was surprise that drew me in to going to the book launch.”

    Thanks for sharing.

    Matt Sakiestewa Gilbert

  2. Hi Matt! I agree - it is a very bizarre world that we live in..

  3. If the repository of books on Natives for the past 400 years were a wall of carnival balloons... you could probably throw a dart and easily hit a book constructed in this fashion. Just make it up, and wait another hundred years, and someone will take it for fact. Speaking of carnivals... I'd love to meet this lady, she must be a total weirdo.