January 4, 2012

Designer Profile | Alano Edzerza

It’s high time that I do a profile on this rising star in the fashion world (who, by many regards, can already be considered established).

Hailing from the Tahltan Nation, Alano Edzerza is currently based out of Vancouver, where he operates his art gallery.

He belongs to the Raven Clan, and the important bird features prominently in his artwork.  Although this post is strictly on his fashion design and apparel, Edzerza also creates jewelry, sculpture, glass work, two-dimensional art, and large-scale installations.

His apparel hit the international scene two years ago when he designed the uniforms for the Netherlands team for the 2010 Winter Olympics held in BC.

But you don't need to be an Olympian or even an athlete to wear his gear (this is good news for people like me). You can find his Northwest Coast-inspired designs on everything from tunic dresses to t-shirts and hoodies, and even some badass outerwear (see below). Another cool little fact?: his clothes are available in sizes that range from XS to 3XL.

Edzerza says he uses a Northern variation of Northwest Coast art, with a contemporary graphic art twist; and that is exactly what he does - taking cues from popular fashion (by decentering the designs), he also employs age-old Northwest Coast artistic practices of wrapping and expanding 2-D designs around an object (the human body, in this case). His designs are clean and striking, granting the wearers of his apparel the status of being 'effortlessly cool.'

(Black Formline on Blue, NAA004 by Alano Edzerza, XS-XL, $45, 
Model: Amberae Wood, Photo: Thosh)

(Ladies TriBlend Raglan Sleeve Pullover, NAA037-Eagles Landing, $45)

(Edzerza Eagle Shell Jacket By Alano Edzerza, XS-XL, $399.95, 
Model: Amberae Wood)

(Grey Smoke Hole cropped design on Black T-Shirt, 
NAA030 By Alano Edzerza, XS-2XL, $28)

(Formline Camo Hoodie, NAA017 By Alano Edzerza, XS-2XL, $80)

Profile image above from CBR Photography, all other images from www.edzerzagallery.com. Email inquiries to director@edzerzagallery.com, or fan his apparel page on Facebook by clicking here. You can also follow his blog by clicking here.