October 13, 2011

The New Trend: Calling Out Racist Trends

Is calling out racist fashion trends the new trend?

The Huffington Post recently published a scathing article about Forever 21. Titled 'Forever 21 Sells Faux Native American Items in Their Columbus Day Sale,' the article takes a critical look at the items that were 'on sale' for the holiday that many Native Americans want abolished. And the author found Native-inspired clothes on sale, for Columbus Day. WTF F21.

The author wrote, "it just seems like someone over at Forever 21 could have given the items in their Columbus Day sale a little more thought.

Maybe they coulda done a once-over, you know, just to make sure no styles influenced by the people directly negatively affected by the reason for the sale were included IN THE SALE."

Here (above left) is one of the gems on sale. Titled Chiefs Burnout Top, it was marked $11.92, down from $14.90, as part of the sale.

Read the entire article here.

Or, click here to read the original, which was published on the popular blog site, WTForever21, an amazing site that makes fun of the ridiculousness that is Forever 21.