October 17, 2011

Navajo Calls Out Urban Outfitters For Its Products

Click the link below to read some more news about the Navajo / Urban Outfitters situation - I'm quoted!:

Navajo calls out Urban Outfitters for its products

If you happen to find yourself bored, just go and google the words Navajo Urban Outfitters - there have been many recent news posts about it!

I'm happy to see Native people standing up against big coorporations who seek to continue the legacy of misappropriation, misuse of Native designs, and misrepresentation of 'the Native' in mass media. Enough is enough. And for those of you who think that this stuff is NOT important, you should read up on how stereotypes, and racist language and misrepresentation in mass media HARMS Native rights.

The articles all basically say the same thing, but here's the list!

These articles reprint the above article:

Fox News (Fox News! I know right?! And OF COURSE they had to put the word 'disrespectful' in air quotes.): Navajo Nation Fights Urban Outfitters Over 'Disrespectful' Clothing Line

The Christian Science Monitor (The Christian Science Monitor! I know right!?): Urban Outfitters Navajo line draws criticism from Navajo Nation

ABC News (ABC!): Navajo Calls out Urban Outfitters for Its Products

The Seattle Times: Tribe blasts Urban Outfitters on 'Navajo' items

These articles take some other spins:

Jezebel (Jezebel always breaks it down. I wish I was half as badass as they are.): Urban Outfitter’s ‘Navajo’ Problem Becomes A Legal Issue

Jezebel: Urban Outfitters And The Navajo Nation: What Does The Law Say? (Oh man, this article.. this article looks at 'the law'. The legit legal aspects of this 'case.' And, I gotta say, if 'the law' sides with Urban Outfitters, I will throw a holy fit. Yes, a holy one.)

Jezebel: The Most WTF Navajo-Inspired Clothing And Accessories (ha.)

Time (Time! as in, Time Magazine! The magazine that my mom subscribes to.): Urban Outfitters Taken to Task for Faux 'Navajo' Products

Star Tribune: Urban Outfitters' hipster panty is a Navajo no-no (Excellent, excellent title.)

Fronteras Desk: Navajo Nation: Urban Outfitters Must Change Clothing Line (Great audio too, and they quote my good friend Kerry Thompson! A Navajo smarty-pants and someone I've always looked up to.)

Dallas Blog: Navajo Indians Call for Underwear Boycott (Now this title is a little wonky...)

Racked: Could Urban Outfitters' Navajo Hipster Panty Actually Be Illegal? (Yes, could a panty be illegal?!)

And perhaps the most important article: Indian Country Today: What’s Next for the Urban Outfitters Navajo Case? (Adrienne Keene)


Indian Country Today: So-Called Navajo Products Vanish from Urban Outfitters Website

Phoenix New Times: Urban Outfitters Pulls Navajo Name from Collection; Heard Museum Weighs in on Native-Inspired Fashion That Should Be Produced


Companies Switch from 'Navajo' to 'Southwestern'
Fashionista: Barneys’ Amanda Brooks Writes Tone Deaf ‘Navajo Nation’ Post: Can the Fashion Industry Stop Describing Trends as ‘Navajo’? (Yes, We’re Guilty Too)

Urban Outfitters' products have been the subject of multiple controversies, particularly concerning religious and ethnic issues. mmhmmm. Click here to read a list of Urban Outfitters' "Product Controversies."