April 14, 2011

Kiri Nathan's Korowai

Maori fashion designers are some of the more exciting designers to follow, and one of my favs is Kiri Nathan, who I've featured before in various posts.  Nathan recently participated in the Bridal Fashion Week held at the Auckland Museum where the designer bedecked the dresses with the Korowai, or traditional Maori cloak, which is woven with feathers.

The cloak speaks of a person's honor, dignity and respect. According to the Maori story about Princess Hinemoa and Tutanekai, it is said that out of his great love and respect for her, Tutanekai embraced his lover Hinemoa by placing his Korowai around her. The cloak is therefore a symbol of great value to the Maori people and worn with great pride.

(Silk taffeta with applicae lace, bustier skirt and traditionally woven contemporary korowai in marabou feather)

(Stretch sequin gown, cowl neck and back with traditionally woven contemporary korowai wrap and neckpiece)

(Dress at top: Silk chiffon gown, contemporary korowai all traditionally woven in contemporary medium)