April 6, 2011

Art and Identity Custom Shoe Workshop

Louie Gong, a nationally-recognized artist and mixed-heritage advocate, not only heads up the Eighth Generation custom shoe business, but also spends his time working with youth in tribal communities doing various speaking engagements and workshops.

Gong recently held a Custom Shoe Workshop called Art and Identity, which was hosted at the Salt Lake City Indian Walk-In Center held at the end of March.

This workshop uses the process of creating a custom shoe as a platform for exploring personal identity. It includes technical guidance and one-on-one support for students as they create their own shoe design and execute the design on a canvas shoe. You can read more about this workshop by clicking here.

In 2009 and 2010, Eighth Generation donated or gifted more art than it sold.

See more pics at the Custom Coast Salish / Northwest Coast style shoes by Louie Gong Facebook page or at the Eighth Generation website.