August 4, 2010

Events | Fashion at the Santa Fe Indian Market

Ooh! A ton of events are planned for the upcoming Santa Fe Indian Market hosted by SWAIA, whose goal is to bring Native arts to the world by inspiring artistic excellence, fostering education, and creating meaningful partnerships. And I can't wait to pack my bags!

I love attending Indian Market and checking out all the artist booths down at the Plaza, but I also love to check out all the events that occur on the 'edges' of the sanctioned SWAIA booths.

This year, there are many notable Native fashion events going on - in particular, Virgil Ortiz's Made in Native America clothing line debut, the Tsosie-Gaussoin family's Axiom exhibit at the Poeh Museum, Dorothy Grant's collection preview and booth, the Wheelwright Trunk Show, and the SWAIA Native American Clothing Contest.

Also, check out Southwest Flair's August issue to get the latest scoop on Native fashion - it's all online!

About the events:

Virgil Ortiz's MINA line
August 19-22, 2010
Eternity boutique

Virgil Ortiz will debut his Made in Native America (MINA) Signature T-shirt Collection and canvas tote bags during Indian Market, available exclusively at Eternity located at 127 Water St, or at He will also have a pottery showing at Shiprock Trading - the REVOLT opening reception will be held Thursday, August 19, from 6-8 P.M.

Axiom: The Tsosie-Gaussoin Family
August 19, 2010, 5-8pm
Poeh Museum

The Poeh Cultural Center and Museum of the Pueblo of Pojoaque proudly presents its Annual Indian Market Exhibition: AXIOM: Connie Tsosie Gaussoin, David Gaussoin, Wayne Gaussoin, and Robert Dale Tsosie. The exhibit will feature jewelry, clothing designs, paintings, digital media and sculpture. The Opening Reception is Thursday, August 19, 2010 from 5:00 to 8:00 PM and includes Inuit Throat Singers, Maori Dancers, and Tsimshian Singers and fashion show! The exhibit will be open through November 20, 2010.

Dorothy Grant Collection Preview and Booth
August 19-22, 2010
Santa Fe

Dorothy Grant will have a booth down at the plaza (747 LIN-E), featuring Haida couture, sportswear, and accessories for men and women. You can also preview the collection at Hotel Plaza Real, August 19-20, from 1 to 5pm each day. For more information go to

Art-for Wear Trunk Show
August 20, 2010, 10:30am-12:30pm
Wheelwright Museum

The Wheelwright Museum's annual Indian Market Trunk Show is back by popular demand. They will host five Native American designers participating in this year's Art-for-Wear event - Featuring exquisite designs by Patricia Michaels, Pilar Agoyo, Penny Singer, Teri Greeves, Margaret Roach Wheeler, and TahNibaa Naat'aanii.

The SWAIA Native American Clothing Contest
Sunday, August 22, 2010 9am-12pm
Santa Fe Plaza, Downtown Santa Fe

Among the many cherished traditions at the Santa Fe Indian Market, the Native American Clothing Contest (NACC) is one of the most beloved and anticipated events. For over twenty years, the NACC has been the most photographed event at the Santa Fe Indian Market. The contest includes categories for traditional and contemporary Native American fashions, features children and adult participants, and awards prizes in over 20 categories.

(A dress by Pilar Agoyo at the SWAIA Native American Clothing Contest)