July 14, 2010

Video | Virgil Ortiz's Contortionista

Virgil Ortiz is one of those extraordinarily multi-talented artist/geniuses whose work consistently blows my mind. Whenever I see something new from him, I can recognize his artistic touch - it is familiar - yet it is completely new and exciting.

Along with fashion design, Ortiz also creates pottery and clay figures, and his latest gallery opening was last March during the Heard Indian Market. I missed it, however, I was happy to come across this video of his show, Contortionista: VO Cirque Performers, which was held at King Galleries in Scottsdale, AZ.

Contortionista from Virgil Ortiz on Vimeo.

Virgil Ortiz has taken inspiration from the late 1800s Munos figures of Cochiti Pueblo which depicted Southwestern traveling circus sideshow acts. Ortiz's pieces tumble and twist together - they seem to defy gravity as they rise above the ground, taking flight to the ceilings and twirling in mid-air. Ortiz delivers - bringing his Cirque Performers to the center ring in an unexpected exhibition.

You can view images of the individual pieces at the King Galleries website.

For more about Ortiz, watch this brief video:

Virgil Ortiz USA Artists from Virgil Ortiz on Vimeo.