January 15, 2021

Top 10 Scarves for All Seasons

Welcome to our top ten list for Native-made scarves. Whether you are battling the cold winter or accessorizing a summer outfit, we've listed our favorites below. 

Please share this list with your networks, along with your favorite Native-made scarves in your own collections. I own scarves by Virgil Ortiz, Jamie Okuma, Maggie Thompson, Sarah Agaton Howes, and more. The scarves I own are limited edition and no longer available, so I feel rather special when I wear them, like, "Yes, this is a classic."

Scarves are great for more than just their utilitarian purposes, and they help us to jazz up our daily lives, diversify our wardrobe, and support Native American artists. 

Click the links below each image to explore the artist websites and discover more great finds.

Moonshadow Black Woodland Wraparound Scarf by I Am Anishinaabe, $125
to wear on all epic nights.

Beaver Fur Cowl with Fox Trim, by Arctic Canada Trading, $360
to support traditional Indigenous sustenance practices.

Mountain Scarf by John Isaiah Pepion for Eighth Generation, $120
for drizzly days about town.

Smokehide Woodland Wraparound Scarf by I Am Anishinaabe, $125
to spice up any outfit.

Horizon Cowl by Maggie Thompson, $92
to invest in handmade quality.

Sea Otter Keyhole Scarf by Robert Miller, $400
to keep that neckline extra snuggly.

Floral Neck Scarf by Niio Perkins, $45
for a touch of luxury.

Hummingbird Silk Scarf by Dorothy Grant, $70
for any and all date nights.

Revolve Silk Chiffon Scarf by ACONAV, $175
to refresh all classic attire.

Beadwork Silk Scarf by Lauren Good Day, $124
because being a wallflower is no fun.

NOTE: This list is meant to be a jump-off point to discover and support various artists and Native-owned businesses.