November 22, 2020

Top 10 for Your Taste Buds

Hello friends! Welcome to our list of 10 treats to taste! I hope you are enjoying our lists thus far. This one was a fun one to research and build.

From traditional savory foods to sweets and beverages, these are my picks. But definitely please go to the websites and poke around - many sites have a variety of goodies to try out, and I didn't have enough space to include them all on this first round. Again, please use these lists as jump-off points to discover your own favorites and share with your friends and networks.

I must admit, I am not a food snob - I like to try out all kinds of flavors! - and I hope you'll join me in giving these a try!

  1. Wild Rice Sampler by Red Lake Nation Foods
  2. SeaBear Smokehouse Smoked Wild King Salmon Jerky from Sweetgrass Trading Co.
  3. Any Wine by Kitá Wines 
  4. Any Chocolate Treat Gift Set from Bedré Chocolates
  5. Non-GMO Tepary Beans Ancient Superfood by Ramona Farms
  6. Hot Sauces by Sakari Botanicals
  7. 500mg CBD Creamed Honey by Ioway Bee Farm
  8. Pure Maple Syrup Candies by Passamaquoddy Maple
  9. Tribal Soul Blend Coffee by O-gah-pah Coffee
  10. Tea Sampler by the Native American Tea Company

And then, after you are done sampling various foods and snacks and finding your favorites, help yourself to this book to learn more about Indigenous foodways and recipes: The Sioux Chef's Indigenous Kitchen.