October 7, 2012

BB Facebook | Best of September

I post a lot of fashion news on the Beyond Buckskin Facebook Fan Page. It's a great way to share info quickly without having to prep and write an entire post on it.

However, if I only post it to Facebook, well, Facebook has a tendency to swallow good images, links to articles or videos. And who wants to do all that scrolling to dig it up again?

So I've started a 'Best of' post for each month where I highlight some of the coolest images, the most interesting articles, the biggest misappropriators, and the neatest videos. So, now that we're a week into October, it's safe to look back at September and pick out some good ones, so, fashionistas, here you go:

1. An OWL in a HEADDRESS on a PILLOW. We gave Pendleton a FAIL on this one.

2. We put the word out to represent the Native vote.

3. Beyond Buckskin made it on to the BITCH LIST - Check it out and support Bitch Media’s mission to provide and encourage an engaged, thoughtful feminist response to mainstream media and popular culture.

4. Native designer Darlene Perkins was at the Western Design Conference in Jackson Hole, WY (below left).

5. I spent many years in Arizona, attending grad school at U of A, and being a visiting prof at ASU, so it was great to see this image of ASU, NAU and UA American Indian Royalty (above right).

6. Beyond Buckskin launched the first of hopefully many collaborations with awesome artists with these pretty Chippewow Blossoms earrings (below).

7. Maori fashion hit the New Zealand runway with a bang with these designs from the family team Dmonic Intent (above).

8. My article on the super-awesome designer Bethany Yellowtail landed on the front page of Indian Country Today.

9. Melissa Cody got profiled as one of the 100 most creative forces in Phoenix.

10. The Miss Navajo Nation competition kicked off, and we learned what it takes to be Miss Navajo, and the new queen was crowned, Leandra Thomas.

11. Virgil Ortiz brought killer Pueblo pottery to Paris.

12. "Paul Frank celebrated Fashion’s Night Out with a neon-Native American powwow theme" and the soup hit the fan.

13. Obama, that's one keen guy (right).

14. A Letter to Urban Outfitters - filmed at my alma mater, Dartmouth College:

15. Native Threads x Steven Paul Judd collab:

16. The inspiring Miss Ashley Callingbull had an Article in the Edmontonians Magazine.

17. BBB got a shout out in this article on How to Shop For Native American Fashion Ethically and Blissfully.

18. A new publication, Nista, launched, and it's all about Indigneous fashion.

19. Angela DeMontigny launched her Young Native line.

20. “For Native people it’s yet one more chapter of stealing the land, stealing our children, stealing our culture, stealing our religion and now stealing our symbols” - Dartmouth Professor Vera Palmer. Dartmouth Native students react to disrespect.

21. Fashion and activism come together in this article about Arizona Ski Resort’s War Against the Sacred.

22. I fall in love with The Soft Museum (above). This one is called Southern Plains Pulsar and takes the idea of Southern Plains Indian medallions and blends them with inspirations from celestial objects.

23. I'm an Indian Too:

24. I went on Indigenous Waves Radio talking about Paul Frank Industries.

25. Jamie Okuma knocked it out of the park with these Plateau Louboutins:

26. We asked you to stand in solidarity with Native People this Columbus Day by rocking this tee that re-thinks the idea of 'discovery':

27. Kill the Indians, Then Copy Them. (great title)

28. Thanks to all of your support, Beyond Buckskin Boutique became one of the MOST POPULAR Boutique stores on BigCartel!