August 12, 2011

Virgil Ortiz's Vertigo

Virgil Ortiz's latest exhibit, Vertigo, opened last week at the Museum of Indian Arts and Culture in Santa Fe (just fyi, I'm no longer living in Santa Fe, and I'm crushed that I can't attend every opening! Sadtimes. BUT, since I will be in Santa Fe for their annual Indian Market, I will still get to check out the show. Awesome.).

About Vertigo (Ortiz always has the best one-word show names, I swear), the Museum press release explained,

The past receives a current voice with the newest figurative work of Virgil Ortiz. With pieces whose scale and style are both unprecedented, the Vertigo series infuses cultural understanding and historic research. Just as his ancestors used clay to comment on their lives and experiences; Ortiz does the same and adds a fresh element and spin by enlisting family members to contribute their respective works in this spectacular series.

Inspired by Ben Wittick’s famous photograph, circa 1880, Ortiz recreates the scene using a photograph of the Charles Bridge he took during a visit to Prague, Czech Republic in 1999.

“When I walked up to the Charles Bridge, it reminded me of that photo from the Clay People book and I knew someday I would recreate it.” – Virgil Ortiz

The original Wittick photo, and Virgil Ortiz's version.

So if you plan on checking it out, here's the dish:

WHAT: “Vertigo: A Spin on Tradition ~ Reviving the Past” with Virgil Ortiz and family members

WHEN: Monday August 1st through September 5th, 2011

WHERE: Museum of Indian Arts & Culture | 710 Camino Lejo, Museum Hill off Old Santa Fe Trail, Santa Fe New Mexico. Phone: 505.476.1250

“There is no better illustration from an artist who constantly challenges his abilities to mold clay into forms never imagined. The Vertigo series comes full circle and ends with the traditional “Mono” at this point in time.” – Robert Gallegos, Art Dealer - Historian

ALSO: Keep your eyes open for Ortiz's collaboration with Aqua Hospitality Carpets.