August 23, 2011

Patricia Michaels Guerrilla Fashion Parade

Hey folks!

I'm just now somewhat bouncing back from my trip last weekend to Santa Fe where I checked out the SWAIA Indian Market.

Showcasing over 1100 artists from 100 tribes, the Santa Fe Indian Market is the largest cultural event in New Mexico, attracting 100,000 visitors per year. The Indian Market features visual arts competitions, film screenings, musical performances, lectures, galas and much more.

The fashion events are already getting press coverage - and here's one article on Patricia Michaels' guerilla-style fashion walk on the plaza last Saturday morning.

(Above left: Patricia Michaels and one of her models from her "Fashion Parade." Credits: Elizabeth R. Rose Photography.)

Santa Fe Indian Market - Market goes high fashion with model parade
Elizabeth Rose, Native American Jewelry and Art Examiner
August 20, 2011

If you were at Santa Fe Indian Market this morning you may have been treated to a high fashion parade of models sporting Patricia Michaels designs.

Patricia's leggy, white haired models paraded through the market this morning carrying huge floral pieces and parasols... all Patricia Michaels designs. It just goes to show you that Indian Market is going contemporary.... little by little.

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