March 29, 2011

Vogue's Indians

Well well well, Vogue editors throughout the world are tapping into the ol' "Wild West Indians" theme for their latest issues.  Instead of working with Native American fashion designers and models, the editors decided to go with non-Native versions. Shocker, I know. Maybe this is because the non-Native Indians are more Indian than the real Indians?

Giddy up!: The March 2011 issue of Vogue Russia shows us their version of Southwest Fashion that borrows heavily from Native themes such as fringe, leather, Navajo blanket patterns, and long braids:

And the April 2011 of Vogue Spain shows us their version of 'algo salvaje' (something wild) - a photospread that includes a headdress, turquoise bracelet, fringe, and some other crap:


  1. Love your blog.

    Lets hope War Bonnets aren't the headwear of choice at Nordstroms this fall.

  2. When I think of Dorothy Grant's (Haida)awesome designs and then see this dreck in Vogue, I'm kind of glad the mainstream fashion industry hasn't found all or secrets yet.

    Corrine Hunt (Tlingit)is another fab artist and her jewellery and eyewear is so die for. (She designed the winter olympic medals for Vancouver).

  3. Its so shitty to see white girls all the time getting booked for editorials like this.Makes me want to get back into modeling so bad!I was at a time the only working native model represented by a high profile agency . Angela Demontigy was the only native client that ever booked me .... go figure that one.
    Josee Bourgeois

  4. Finally i see pale indian like me for first time; never before did i see white blonde indians ever shown as part of indian heritage but we here.Not all Seminoles are dark.