June 10, 2010

Angela DeMontigny Dresses Miss Universe Canada Contestant Ashley Callingbull

(Callingbull in a DeMontigny dress at the first day of the 2010 MUC pageant in Toronto)

First Nations fashion designer Angela DeMontigny will dress Ashley Callingbull for a national beauty pageant currently underway in Toronto. Callingbull is Cree from Alberta and is competing for the title of Miss Universe® Canada 2010, which will be awarded on Monday, June 14, and will be broadcasted live on television. She will wear various designs by DeMontigny during the competition, including a final evening dress.

You can vote for Ashley Callingbull for People's Choice Award through Saturday June 12th – the contestant with the most votes will automatically be placed into the Top 20. [PS It's really quick and easy to vote!]

Callingbull hopes to one day run a free youth group on weekends or after school for underprivileged children. She is motivated by her own experiences to help youth stay on the right paths in life. In the meantime, she volunteers for charitable organizations and keeps busy with her modeling and acting career, all while pursuing higher education at Concordia University in Edmonton. She believes all Aboriginal youth should be proud of their heritage and strive to better themselves and their communities. She sees her participation in this event as a positive means to call greater attention to the cultures and beauty of First Nations people.

DeMontigny, who also has Cree heritage, is an appropriate choice for outfitting Callingbull. She creates sexy and luxurious leather and suede fashions that convey strength, elegance, and style with a bit of an edge. Last month, the two met to discuss design and style options for the event. I look forward to seeing what she'll produce for the nationally-televised pageant! Visit her website for more information about her clothing designs.

6/15/10 Note: Ashley did an excellent job at the competition and placed 2nd Runner Up in the Finals!:

MUC2010: Elena Semikina
1st Runner-up: Aleksandra Malkin
2nd Runner-up: Ashley Callingbull
3rd Runner-up: Neda Derakhshanfar
4th Runner-up: Zarah Al-Aubiydy

("My Miss Universe Canada clothing is sponsored by the amazing Angela DeMontigny!")

I will post more pics of the fashion designs as they come available!