June 11, 2010

Africa Fashion Week

So, I'm a lil behind the times, but I just came across this official announcement (released in February) that New York City's Mayor Bloomberg proclaimed July 12th-17th to be Africa Fashion Week in NYC. [see below]

Their vision and mission are pretty straightforward, but much-needed: The vision of this program is to 'Break through the New York fashion noise and allow diverse and upcoming designers to voice themselves through creative forums.' And the mission is to 'Raise awareness and market diverse fashion professional’s talents and skills.'

The New York Africa Fashion Week has also been globally recognized, and was added to the the International Fashion Week Calendar. Africa’s growing impact in fashion cannot be disputed. Its influence can be seen on runways and in stores all over the world.

Geared towards Africa and its influences in fashion and entertainment, the AFW will be a place for fashion professionals, entertainers, and writers of African descent to come together and showcase their creativity.

Official Announcement:
It's Official! New York City's Mayor Bloomberg Will Proclaim July 12th - July 17th Africa Fashion Week.
Friday, February 26, 2010 at 9:27am

The office of New York City's Mayor Michael Bloomberg will officially proclaim the week of July 12th thru July 17th Africa Fashion Week in New York City, a historical endorsement for Africans and African-Americans in the fashion and entertainment industry.

Africa Fashion Week NY is a luxurious, multi-day event which includes runway shows, exhibitions, and industry networking events - all with the purpose of raising awareness of the African / African-American fashion & entertainment professionals in the New York and Tri-State area.

Accordingly, this nationally formed week of diversity centric fashion events will henceforth be celebrated annually from July 12th thru July 17th.

Visit http://africafashionweekny.com/ to learn more about Africa Fashion Week NY.

[images below are from the Arise African Collective fashion show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week 2010]