March 1, 2021

Top 10 Home Goods

From the affordable, to the swanky, we’ve come up with a list of Native-made items to spruce up your home space. 

If you are like me, you are nesting and investing in the spaces where you now spend most of your day. For example, in the past year, I’ve purchased Native-made art prints, pillows, candles, food goods, linen napkins, blankets, and more, sprucing up my kitchen, living room, bedroom, and even bathroom. 

I never really appreciated how much home decor can enrich your life.

Surround yourself with beauty and inspiration with these favorites for your home.

You simply must check out the luxury textiles by Mahota, like this exquisite Eagle Blanket, $320

Never underestimate the power of a fragrant candle to instantly add luxury through soft dancing light and relaxing aromas, like these Lodge Candles by Angela DeMontigny, $22-$36

Shumakolowa, the Indian Pueblo Store, has various mugs inspired by Pueblo pottery, like this replica of a golden micaceous clay pot by Martha Romero, $28   

For an instant upgrade, purchase small-batch linens by Indigo Arrows, such as table runners, tea towels, and elegant napkins, priced $25-$68, or accent pillows (above), $89-$109

A proper selection of home goods would be incomplete without the inclusion of at least one handmade Navajo textile, like this Revival Rug by Laverne Tacheney, $4500

And don't forget the coffee! Sample freshly roasted option by Ogahpah, $12+

Perhaps you just need a cozy throw to lighten up a room, like these blankets by Tessa Sayers, $70

Consider investing in timeless art sure to go up in value over time, like this glass bowl by Preston Singletary, $3000

Give your bathroom a little spa upgrade with Handmade Soaps by Mother Earth Essentials, $10

Birchbark Books, owned by Louise Erdrich, offers a variety of artist prints like this Council for the Separation of the Three Tribes by Gordon Coons, $50

BONUS: Capture all your thoughts about how you're going to make your home beautiful and inspiring with this Oregon Potlatch Notebook by Eighth Generation, $24