January 28, 2024

Video | IG Live Discussion about Native Fashion and Some Challenges

Hi friends! 

Our second IG Live video features designers Angela LaRocque and Rebekah Jarvey, Native Max Magazine founder Kelly Camille Holmes, and dancer and huge supporter Niko DeRoin-Silva. 

We chat openly about a variety of topics, including challenges getting mainstream media coverage, the hard work that goes into putting together fashion shows, the importance of having a website, being market-ready, accountability, the uniqueness of Native American fashion, tokenism, active exclusion by the broader industries, why allies are so important, and more!

We are learning as we go, we are thinking out loud, we don't have the answers, but we enjoy the process of learning and hearing different perspectives.

So click the link below and listen along. PS: It is another 2 hour long discussion (we had a lot to say) so listen while you are working on an art project or on your daily commute. 

(PPS: We also had some random small tech glitches - again, this was our second live event and we are getting better with the tech I promise!)